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 Chatzy Rules and Consequences
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Jul 18 2017, 05:37 PM


Age / 52

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Albuquerque, NM

Married / Jeff Jareau (NPC)

Author Alias / Sarah/Kiva

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 89

Chatzy Rules and Guidelines

1. Respect.  This is the most important rule for our member chat.  If we find you are in any way disrespectful to another author or to an admin, you will be banned from chat.  End of story.  We will not tolerate that.

2. Be welcoming to everyone.  We gain a lot of new authors every month who have a difficult time feeling like they belong.  Sometimes it’s hard to really let go of the plotting to say hello and pull the new author in.  We ask that you try.  We admins aren’t in the chatzy all the time to do the welcoming, so we ask that you help us out with that and really show these authors just how awesome you guys are as a group to write with.

3. Keep the conversation as close to PG as you can. What does this mean?  It means, do not discuss illegal activity (this includes personal stories of underage drinking or drug use), sexual experiences, topics that can offend or cause arguments (such as politics), no inappropriate relationship discussions where the law of consent is broken (even as a ship**), or any other inappropriate discussion.
*IC discussion on plots where drinking or sex may occur is fine as long as it’s not in great detail

4. If an author states that a topic makes them feel uncomfortable, stop all discussion on said topic.

**The reason why we are asking that this type of ship not be discussed in chatzy is because we have had complaints about a particular ship making authors feel uncomfortable due to the current age of the characters. If new authors come into the chat and see this type of ship and the excitement behind it, they may get the wrong idea about this site.  We will not be that type of site, ever!

We understand that not everyone is from America so your laws may be different; however, Atop Mount Greylock is an American website and jcink rules based on American laws.  If they find that we are not meeting this rating, they have every right to shut us down.  So please, your country of origin does not matter when it comes to this rule.


First Warning

An admin will reach out to you through either chatzy PM or site PM to advise of the topic or behavior that we found inappropriate and ask that you stop or do not bring the topic up in the future.

Second Warning

An admin will reach out to you in the same manner as the first warning and provide the same feedback.  The second warning does not have to be on the same topic or behavior, but the fact that the rules were broken again.

Third Warning

If an admin has to reach out to an author three times, the author is given a soft ban from chatzy. This will last at least 24 hours, possibly longer depending on what the warnings were for (misbehavior being a heavier issue than discussion a particular topic)

Fourth Warning - Permanent Ban

After the soft ban is removed and an author is let back into chatzy but continues to behave or discuss topics that are against the rules, the author will be permanently banned from the member chat.  No other chances will be given.

Please understand that we do not want to be rigid in our rules but want to keep the site open.  If authors feel that they cannot maintain these rules and want the rating to be changed to R, we can do that, but we will lose any authors who are not the appropriate age.

The admins discuss all issues before reaching out to any author in an PM. This is a joint decision between us.

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