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 Adeline Rose, Riyan Crisswell
Adeline Rose
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 11:43 AM

Riayn Crisswell

Age / 23 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Phoenix, AZ/ Greylock

Married/Single / Unnamed Husband/No One

Post Count/ 63

Anna |

user posted image

Adeline Marie Rose

Legal Name: Riyan Marie Crisswell
Birthday: April 16, 1995
HometownPhoenix, AZ
Occupation: Owner of The Apothecary
WandBeechwood, 8 3/4 inches long, Hippogriff feather core
Blood Status: Half-blood
Former House: Wumpus
Pets: Luna- black cat, Oscar- Owl, Kingsley(half wolf/ half husky)
Birthmarks: a small kidney shaped dark spot on the back of her neck
Left eyebrow: One night when Her husband came home stumbling in. The two got into a fight and he pushed her over. Falling over Riayn hit her head on a glass coffee table cutting her eye brow open. She claims she tripped.
Knee: Another night in his rage her husband picked up a large ceramic vase and threw it at her, but with being so intoxicated he missed his target (her head) and it shattered on her knee.
Neck: This was the last straw. He swore up and down she was cheating on him while he was at work and pulled a sharp hunting knife on her. Pinned to the ground she struggled as he pressed it against her neck. This has left a thin white line right at the top of her neck.

FATHER: Dainel (Half-blood)
MOTHER: Alexandra Schultz (Muggle-born)
SIBLING/S: Jonathon and James(M,Twins,27)
Michael (M,17),
OTHER: Amanda (26,Married to Jonathon, 2 children),
Cathlieen (25, Married to James, 2 children)
Kannon and Kyle(Jonathon/Amandas twins, 3)
Alice and Alexander (James/Cathlieen’s twins, 1)

TRAITS:Kind, Adventurous, Book-smart, danger/accident prone, Friendly, calm, understanding
LIKES & DISLIKES:Likes: Outdoors, Fresh air, Flying, Animals, Music, Dancing, New, Cloths, Shopping, FOOD!, Quidditch, Candy.
Dislikes: Negativity, Aging, hospitals, Doctors/nurses, Loneliness, Cooking
PERSONALITY: Riyan is very kind an sweet and would do anything to help a friend or a student. She loves adventure and the unknown, but at the same time she is calm and understanding. Though she passed all her Hogwarts with grate grades she does lack a bit of common sense. Since coming to Greylock she has been very jumpy always looking over her shoulder and uneasy around new people but she is fairly nice other than that. When recognized she denies knowing anyone around town.

Riyan is one of five children, and she couldn’t help but always feeling like she was never what her parents wanted her to be. She was always outside playing with her brothers and always getting hurt. Every year she either sprained or broke some part of her body. At age eleven Riyan got her letter for Ilvermorny just like her brothers before her did and she was so happy. That meant she didn’t have to stay home and babysit anymore and she was so happy. Once arriving at school She was sorted into Wumpus. Riyan got into a good amount of trouble while she was in school, mostly for not paying attention though she did good in all of her classes and passed them all. Other times her brothers talked her into doing some stupid prank she later regretted. She loved all her classes the best being potions. But her favorite thing of all those years was quidditch where she played as a chaser.  
After graduation Riyan spent a year traveling searching for a master potioner to study under. Finally she landed in London studying under a elderly gentleman. Often they worked so late into the night that Riayn would eat and even stay over with his family than to travel the city streets at night, as she preferred to walk of using magic for mundane travel. From spending so much time around him and his family she eventually fell in love with his grandson who was about the same age as herself. After four years of studying it was finally time for Riyan and her new husband to move away from his family. She had grown home sick so they moved to Phoenix Arizona. Where his attitude and demeanor changed. Often he would come home from work with MCUSA and get drunk. He would become physically and mental abusive, a man Riyan would never recognize. She knew she had to get out of there. One day she emptied their joint bank account, packed up her cloths and pets and ran away. Stopping in New York she found someone to make fake identification and other legal documents, changing her name to Adeline Rose. She then continued on her way to Greylock got an apartment under her new name and bought the apothecary as she had been preparing to do for some time.

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