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 Rapid fire rules.

Welcome to the Rapid Fire Forum!

What is rapid fire? It means that our word count rule of 200 does not exist for the pinned event. Events are a week long, and start and end on Fridays. All rapid fire posts must remain in this area for the event in order to keep things organized. All posts should be handled the same way as Classes and Feast posts by creating a new topic.

While rapid fire events are based around in character activities, you can still participate in R/F even if you opt out of whatever is happening IC. If your character is in another part of the school, please indicate that in your post title so that we know they are not currently at the dance/party/event.

Because there is no word count for these events, Rapid Fire posts will not count towards post counts.

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Pinned: Valentine's Day
Rapid Fire Event
Kyle "Cutter" Ramsay 0 59 15th June 2018 - 09:26 PM
Last Post By: Kyle "Cutter" Ramsay
  Forum Topics
Who needs Elton?
layla | closed
Laila Kennedy 1 9 14 minutes ago
Last Post By: Layla Dawson
Lazy Saturday
Chloe Chevalier 0 5 Today at 08:21 am
Last Post By: Chloe Chevalier
True love waits for no man
lake with cass | closed
Arne Reinhardt 1 19 Today at 04:37 am
Last Post By: Cassandra King
Alla hjärtans dag
open to agda's friends
Agda Gardie 12 80 Today at 03:34 am
Last Post By: Agda Gardie
Who could like me?
Eoin Chevalier 5 42 Today at 03:28 am
Last Post By: Eric Dobson
This Had Better Be Good
Late Morning
Ariel Blackburn 14 71 Today at 12:29 am
Last Post By: Ariel Blackburn
Snowy good time
Tag: Peyton/Will/Raph
Kyle "Cutter" Ramsay 1 5 Today at 12:10 am
Last Post By: Peyton Browning
Fading Like a flower
Erin Chevalier 6 43 Yesterday at 11:55 pm
Last Post By: Cian Chevalier
Now You See Me...
Erin Smythe | Party
Eric Dobson 0 8 Yesterday at 11:03 pm
Last Post By: Eric Dobson
Curiosity Makes Me Ask
After breakfast--Library
Buffy Stratford 6 30 Yesterday at 10:35 pm
Last Post By: Buffy Stratford
A rose fer me rose
school party, late afternoon
Kiernan Chevalier 2 18 Yesterday at 10:18 pm
Last Post By: Kiernan Chevalier
Fate Not Slate
Right after breakfast | Open!
Eden Natter 2 22 Yesterday at 09:47 pm
Last Post By: Eden Natter
Birthday Surprise
Early afternoon
Ariel Blackburn 4 16 Yesterday at 09:41 pm
Last Post By: Ariel Blackburn
Cupid Can Shoot Himself
Early afternoon--Town Law Office
Morgan Blackburn 6 22 Yesterday at 09:34 pm
Last Post By: Morgan Blackburn
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