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Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 9 2018, 02:58 PM
Tanya found herself actually looking forward to field day. Even though there would be a huge crowd as the town was invited as well, it mattered little. There were games and physical activities to take part in. Not so much in sports, which was what Tanya had really hoped for, but there were still plenty of interesting things to do. The seven-foot wall in particular looked fun as she's never done any rock climbing before.

When it was her turn to climb she didn't hesitate and jumped into the challenge. Though she lacked experience she was strong and agile. Hanging from the holds was easy, and she could pull herself up with ease. While waiting in line she had studied her path up and found it made her progress much faster. Where others hesitated she boldly moved and found herself atop the wall in record time. The green girl wished it had been a taller wall. Below several students cheered for her and she felt a slight flush creep onto her cheeks.

She jumped from the top and landed upon the cushions with her usual grace. Though, as she moved away she flexed her fingers and found her left hand a little slow to respond. Had she pushed herself too hard in the climb? The green girl felt her hand and noted that it did feel stiff. Perhaps she should see a healer.

Sebastian Holtzer

Posted by: Sebastian Holtzer Feb 9 2018, 03:48 PM
The year had been mostly a gong show for Sebastian and he really needed a day to relax. Avoid all the people he'd hurt, intentionally or not, in the last few months. The field day sounded like fun, though he wasn't exactly the sporty type of guy. Races and wall climbing sounded terrible, but the games might be enjoyable.

Oh Merlin, please don't let his uncle bring his cousin in. He heard that they'd officially moved to Greylock, to be closer and remove all excuses not to come home during the holidays. Sebastian knew it was his fault they uprooted, but with his cousin joining the school in the new year, it would be best for the family.

The sixth year trudged around the Quidditch pitch to see what all was being offered. He was distracted by the cheers coming from the wall and moved in closer. The student climbing... was green? Was she suffering from a recent practical joke or was she really, permanently green? Fascinating! What sort of thing could cause such a mutation? Sebastian couldn't speak to her about it, could he? She might be sensitive, defensive or completely frustrated by it and he didn't want to upset her with questions. But he was curious, for sure.

Sebastian slipped in closer to watch the impressive climb and the girl jumped down. No one else seemed to notice her struggle to open her hand after such a feat, and he immediately wanted to help. He approached her carefully, trying not to startle her, or seem overly eager by what he was seeing. Keep calm, don't be weird about it.
"Excuse me... I couldn't help noticing your hand." Among other things. "I'm Sebastian, I volunteer in the hospital wing and have some medical background. I plan to be a healer one day. Mind if I take a look at your left hand? I might be able to help." He smiled.

Tanya Rhonimus

Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 10 2018, 02:04 PM
Tanya looked up at the student that approached and questioned about her hand. He said he volunteered in the hospital wing and was offering to help her hand. "Of course." She said and hesitantly offered her hand out. She's gotten better at touch, and a clinical one shouldn't be so bad. "It's not serious, I think. Just pushed too hard." She spoke with familiarity as she was always over-exerting herself when it came to physical activity.

"I'm Tanya." She said, thinking it would be polite to introduce herself as well. She was sure she had seen Sebastian around the school, but he wasn't in her classes so she wasn't familiar with him.

Sebastian Holtzer

Posted by: Sebastian Holtzer Feb 10 2018, 02:34 PM
"It's a pleasure to meet you. Let's see what I can do to help." Sebastian's smile widened as he carefully took her hand in his to quickly examine. Nothing felt out of the ordinary, though he wasn't sure what he should expect. Her skin felt like any other person. She did seem a little hesitant to offer him her hand, so he wondered if it hurt her to touch others. If not physically, perhaps it was a simple aversion to touch. His thoughts were not meant to come across as teasing or cruel, just medically curious. The sixth year was the type to sort out bullies, not be one. He could come across a similar situation in the future as a healer and he really wanted to learn more.

Sebastian removed his wand from his pocket and with a silent spell, he swirled the tip against her palm, pulling the tension out of her muscles.
"There we go, that should help." He did his best not to stare at her as he released her hand and put his wand away.
"Forgive me, as my intentions are not meant to sound mean or cruel. My medical curiosity is getting the better of my manners and I'd like to learn more about your different skin colour. If you'd like to talk to me, that is. I completely respect you if you'd rather part ways."

Tanya Rhonimus

Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 11 2018, 09:22 AM
The older boy felt her hand for any sign of injury and Tanya was surprised by how calm she was about it. Another's touch felt weird, even wrong, but she didn't let those feelings overpower her. Progress didn't always feel amazing. She kept still and when he released her hand after casting a spell she flexed her fingers and found they moved with ease. "Thank you, that feels better."

Tanya raised a brow when Sebastian asked for forgiveness before stating his medical curiosity about her skin. He was overtly polite about it in a way she was unused to. Her friends were sometimes hesitant to ask, but Sebastian seemed so earnest in his questioning. "No, it's fine." She said. Talking about her curse was easier than it once was. The staring too, was easier to manage. "It is a curse. One I was born with. While I was still in the womb my mother was struck by a curse that would be lethal had the doctors not countered it in time. However, they weren't quite able to remove all of it. And months later I was born green."

Sebastian Holtzer

Posted by: Sebastian Holtzer Feb 11 2018, 11:40 PM
Sebastian's expression couldn't properly reflect how he was feeling to hear her explanation. At least he was sure that his features remained pleasant. A curse. She survived a curse. Was her immune system weakened by it, or was she able to fight off common viruses and bacteria with greater ease? So many questions were coming to mind and he was sure many would be considered too personal for a first meeting. Maybe they could be friends? They didn't seem to have any activities in common, otherwise they would've met before. But perhaps they'll discover something in the future?

"That's fascinating! I'm glad you survived, what an amazing miracle." He became a little sheepish at that moment. "I suppose I shouldn't be this excited, I'm sorry. I have so many questions, but I don't wish to make you uncomfortable, or take you away from the fun activities today."

Tanya Rhonimus

Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 12 2018, 03:57 PM
"That's fascinating! I'm glad you survived, what an amazing miracle."

A miracle. Yes, she survived. Endured years of abuse at the hands of her parents, and somehow overcame that to be here at Ilvermorny today. But a miracle? Never. A thunderous look briefly crossed her face. Anger burned hotly, but quickly tempered by control. Sebastian didn't really know what he was saying to her. "Questions are fine." Though her voice was tense she truly didn't mind them. Clinical questions for the sake of understanding her curse and its effects was something she could endorse.

"A couple minutes of talk won't spoil a day's worth of fun. What were your other questions?" Slowly, but steadily she let go of her anger. Her sessions with Miss Nicchi came to mind. Letting her anger out at someone who didn't know better wouldn't be helpful or make her feel better.

Sebastian Holtzer

Posted by: Sebastian Holtzer Feb 13 2018, 02:11 PM
Did he upset her? It was certainly not his intention. He supposed it was possible that she was sensitive about the topic for a number of reasons, and he just bombarded her with his excitement. And he found himself not only curious about the condition, but interested in getting to know her as a person. He could only imagine that she'd been treated differently her whole life, simply because of the condition she had no control over and he hoped that no one was downright cruel to her.

"The remnants of the curse has only changed the pigmentation of your skin? It doesn't leave you in constant pain, or anything like that?" He hoped not, as that would be a terrible way to live. "Do you get enough vitamin D for a healthy immune system? I'm not sure how green would impact the ability to absorb it naturally from the sun. Or prevent sunburn, for that matter. Your skin tone is really quite attractive, though, and I can only imagine how most people react to something so different." His excitement had melted into concern for her mental health.

Tanya Rhonimus

Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 13 2018, 06:10 PM
"No, I don't suffer any pain. My mother does, however. She has frequent and intense lower abdomen pain. It started after my birth." And supposedly left her barren though Tanya could not confirm that so she left it out. Tanya must still get vitamin D properly as she rarely falls ill. Sunburn was another non-issue, though that could be because she takes care to use sunscreen. "I am healthy and have fallen ill only a few times my life. No problems with sunburn as far as I can tell."

Really, what is it with people and calling her skin color attractive? With all the pain and stares it caused it was hard to imagine her skin as anything other than abnormal. But she's getting better about that, so she spoke a very quiet thank you. The last part was much easier to respond to.

"They react with rampant rumor and guesswork. I've been asked if I eat through photosynthesis. And asked if I had orge or hag's blood in me. I suppose the nicest question was if I was a metamorphmagi who simply liked the color green." The worst, though, might be when she was compared to the Lock Ness Monster in that awful magazine.

Sebastian Holtzer

Posted by: Sebastian Holtzer Feb 14 2018, 12:33 AM
Perhaps the curse strengthened her immune system in ways no one could predict. It was unfortunate that her mother was still experiencing such pain, though. Was she able to have more children? He figured that would be an extremely personal question and really none of his business. Sebastian was impressed to learn she didn't suffer from many illnesses. Perhaps an element of such a curse could be harnessed, to prevent many illnesses in others? While it wasn't something to test, he did briefly wonder if the deadly curse used, would be unable to harm her now.

He frowned, his expression full of disgust at her description of people's reactions to her skin colour.
"Why do people need to be so cruel? I wouldn't hesitate to come to your defense if I ever saw such behaviour." Not that he figured sh couldn't handle herself, but sometimes it was nice to know someone had your back. If he ever witnessed someone mistreat her, he would hex them into next week. Their attitude was uncalled for. Stares would be understandable, as one doesn't expect to see a green person, but to make terrible assumptions and voice them, was unacceptable.

"I thank you for your time, Tanya and I would love to get to know you better in the future." Sebastian wondered if they could be friends? Though, he'd understand if she thought their initial meeting would turn her off of getting to know each other.

Tanya Rhonimus

Posted by: Tanya Rhonimus Feb 15 2018, 04:08 PM
Why must people be cruel to one another? If Tanya had to guess it would be because of selfishness. She shook her head at his offer of defense. Tanya didn't need anyone to stand up for her. It wouldn't feel right to let someone else fight her battles, and maybe that was an issue of pride but it was principle to her.

"I'm sure we'll have more chances to speak next year." Sebastian was nice, and well meaning. The kind of person who liked to learn for not only the sake of it, but to use for future application. "Take care and goodbye." Tanya let Sebastian go on his way while she left to find her other friends. Or perhaps she'll get in on a game of capture the flag.

Sebastian Holtzer

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