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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 Greylock and Ilvermorny Facts, Important info included, please read
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 04:17 PM


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Ilvermorny Facts

In order to help prevent any confusion about some of the specifics of this particular RPG, we have written out some facts that may help authors with writing their characters here.

For specific rules, please read here

For FAQs, please read here

For understanding the school’s history, please read here

Locations and Transportations

* Ilvermorny is located at the very top of Mount Greylock, which is located in Massachusetts.
* The magical town of Greylock is located just below Ilvermorny and is roughly a 20 min walk for students when they are allowed to visit on the weekends.
----- Both Ilvermorny and Greylock have several charms and wards that protect them from being detected by any non-magical being
* There is a Muggle town at the base of the mountain.

*The only way to find Greylock and Ilvermorny is by taking the train.  
----- The train is set up similar to Kings Cross in HP in where the platform is hidden and only the magical can find it and ride.
----- The train arrives in Greylock in the early morning and will make periodic trips throughout the day, the last train ride to town is at 10pm.
----- A normal train ride would take over two hours to reach the town, however this is a magical train and can reach the town in 30 mins
----- There is one train that travels throughout America to pick up the students.  Much like the Knight Bus, it travels at great speeds using magic, which allows for the train to begin picking up students on the west coast at 7am and drop all the students off at Greylock by 6pm
----- ----- Students board a train to Greylock town and then take a horse drawn carriage through the town and into the woods to the castle.
----- ----- There are specific stations that the students and families must meet at in order to catch the train.  This can be trickier for Muggleborns who do not have access of magical means of transportation.

Town and School Facts

*Greylock is a medium sized town.  It’s small enough that shop owners will likely know one another, but large enough where not everyone knows your business

*There is no electricity, cable, cell tower, or internet within the town and school
----- if you are going to use Muggle technology, you have to stipulate that they were objects that you or someone who is knowledgeable of Muggle technology and charms, manipulated into working
----- ----- Light is used by wand or by candle/fire light.  The Town is lit up by fire lamp posts and the school is lit up by candles and fire light
----- ----- If you have a television, you are not watching shows or streaming because there is no way in which service would reach Greylock/Ilvermorny or get passed the wards that protect the town and school
----- ----- If you have a Muggle style kitchen (Refrigerator/Oven/etc), these are magical charmed items and not actually run on electricity.  
----- ----- There are no telephone poles, so no telephones.  We’re magical, we use fire call to make our calls.  If you need to use the internet or telephone, you must take the train down to the base of the mountain where the closest Muggle town is located.
*****Please note that the Muggle Studies classroom does use Muggle technology but they are run on charms and will only be used in that classroom*****

Facts Specific to the School

- The school has deep connections to the surrounding Native American tribes

- There are several wards that surround the school that help keep intruders out as well as monitor when students attempt to leave without permission. If you leave the school grounds without permission, you will be caught and receive consequences.

- The building is a granite castle but originally began as a small cottage. A lot of the style and architect makes the castle feel warm and welcoming instead of cold and foreboding.

- Pukwudgies are the security and maintenance staff of the school.

- Some house-elves are free by choice (the school will free any who wish and pay for their work should that be what they want). So seeing house-elves in normal clothes is not terribly strange.

- Once they have entered school grounds, the older students make their way to the balconies while the Pukwudgies take the first year students to the Entrance Hall to be sorted.

- Sorting happens in the Entrance Hall. Students stand in the center on the Gordian Knot and the four statues of the house representatives react if they wish for that student to be in the house.
* The Horned Serpent's crystal on its forehead will glow, the Wampus's carving will roar, the Thunderbird will beat its wings, and the Pukwudgie's carving will raise its arrow.

- Students are allowed to visit the town on weekends and when the school allows for mid-day trips. 1st and 2nd years may only visit during school events, and permission slips are required for 3rd years and up.

The house locations and how to enter them:

* Thunderbird Commons are located in the highest tower. There is a statue of a Pukwudgie named William the school's first caretaker. Students have to poke with their wand in just the right spot to get the statue to step aside and allow them entrance. The spot is never the same, so the students have to remember where it moved each month.

* Horned Serpent Commons are located on the top floor of the school and hidden behind the statue of a Knight. Students have to do the secret handshake of the month with the Knight statue in order to be granted access to the the commons.

* Pukwudgie Commons are located deep in the heart of the school and the entrance is hidden behind a portrait of many different faces. The students have to find the correct face in the portrait in order to enter. The faces move regularly, so the face is never in the same spot.

* Wampus Commons are located on the first floor on the opposite side of the castle from the Grand Hall and is hidden between two portraits of cats. These cats are picky though and you have to ask permission in the nicest of ways while complimenting their fur coats. If you catch them napping or in a mood, and you'll only receive a hiss in return.

Other School Facts

- Students must be in their common rooms by ten o'clock at night.

- The students take two important examinations while students at Ilvermorny. Fifth years take the T.O.A.D.S (Totally Overwhelming Assessment and Display of Skills) that will determine what advanced courses they are eligible in. The Seventh years take the H.A.W.K.S (Horrific Assessment of Wizarding Knowledge and Skills) that will set their career paths in motion.

*The only animals allowed at Ilvermorny are cats, birds (owls), mice, or toads.  All other animals must receive special permission and be a service animal of some sort.
*The points counter is located in the hallway where the offices are.
*There are no muggle items located in the school, such as televisions, telephones, electric ovens/stoves, refrigerators, or computers.
----- The Kitchen has a walk in cooler (a large storage room charmed to keep it cold/cool), various sized fire places and wood burning ovens as well as several tables/counters for food prep and plenty of storage. Pots and pans hang from the ceiling for the use of the house elves.
*Meal times are as follows:
----- Breakfast is between 6:30am and 8:00am (classes start at 8am)
----- Lunch is between 11:30am and 1:30pm
----- Dinner is between 5:00pm and 7:00pm

*The School's uniform robes are blue and cranberry. The colors honor the founders; blue for Isolt as it was her favorite color, and cranberry for James for his love of cranberry pie. All of the students robes are fastened by a gold Gordian Knot. Underneath the robes are the uniform.
----- Females wear pants or pleated skirts to their knees with either high socks or stocking, a white blouse with a tie.
----- Males wear pants, a white button down, and a tie.
----- -----The pants and skirt color options are cranberry, blue, or black. The ties are in the school colors.
----- -----During cooler months, the students do have the option of wearing sweaters in the school colors over their uniforms.
*Students are allowed to wear their regular clothes once their lessons are over for the day as well as on the weekends.

- Any visitors of the students at the school must be accompanied by a staff member while on school grounds
- Any visitor of the staff (including their significant others and children) must be accompanied by that staff member at all times.

(more may be added at a later time if authors feel it is needed)

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