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 Ariel Thornton, The reasons I am how I am
Ariel Blackburn
 Posted: May 1 2017, 02:43 AM

Small Red

Age / 14

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Portland, OR

Girlfriend to Danny-Boy /

Author Alias / Candie

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 331

Ariel Grace Thornton, Halfblood

DOB: May 5th

Description: Ariel wouldn't call herself plain exactly. Its hard to be plain when you're what's commonly referred to as a “ginger”. Sporting dark auburn red, shoulder length hair, medium blue eyes with little bits of green in them, a slender nose with slight curve at the tip, full pink lips, high cheekbones with a slight natural blush to them and creamy white skin with no blemishes to speak of, Ariel is what might be considered cute for her appearance and age. Currently standing at only about 5'3” Ariel isn't exactly short for her age, but she isn't exactly tall either. Since Ariel has a tendency to wear mostly t-shirts and jeans, her body type is hard to determine at first glance which suits her just fine since she doesn't really care to do anything to show herself off to people. Ariel will never be mistaken for a fashionista of any kind.

Ariel's personality is a bit complicated since her thought process up to this moment has been jaded by her jerk of a father. Without his hurtful influence affecting her daily, Ariel is discovering she is something of a shy person in some respects and an outgoing person in other respects. She's also discovering that she has something of a sarcastic sense of humor when she wasn't sure she even had a sense of humor to begin with. Being a bit blunt and completely crass, Ariel has a tendency to rub people the wrong way at times even when she isn't exactly trying to. Because of her belief towards the magic world (thanks to her jerk-face father) Ariel is incredibly awkward when it comes to the subject of magic and is uncomfortable with being a witch and it shows. She is currently working with the school councilor to try and work through some of her issues with magic and being a witch.

Background: Born and raised on farmland in Portland, Oregon...Ariel is the 8th oldest out of a family of 16 children, most of them being girls. Her parents married against the wishes of her grandparents as her grandmother had a “bad feeling” about Ariel's father when the two of them were barely out of school. Her father being a muggle and her mother being a witch, Ariel like almost all of her magical siblings so far is what's referred to a halfblood. When her parents married, Ariel's mother Alora didn't tell her new husband that she was a witch knowing that he had an issue with the idea of magic being a real thing. He was always heard saying things like, “witches are vile and evil” “witches are freaks and anyone who wants to be like that is just as bad”. Needless to say with an attitude like that, it didn't go well when her father discovered his wife was a witch and had passed that same gene on to their children. When her eldest sister turned 11 and her acceptance letter for Wizarding School arrived at their house, her father's behavior towards his still growing family became uncivil to say the least. That was when the fighting between her parents began on a regular basis and when her father first started his campaign to rip apart their family. Despite some of his children already attending magic school, her father had declared that NOTHING magical would happen in his home. They weren't allowed to speak of it, cast it or use anything magical in their home. By the time Ariel came along and was old enough to understand the things being said in the house between the adults, her still growing mind associated all of her father's anger with her mother's “freakishness” as her father had called it and she spent as much time with her father as she could, away from her “freaky” siblings. After her 6th eldest sister received her letter for school, her father couldn't take the amount of freaks in the house any longer and he left them all for a while. By that point her younger brother Alexander and his twin sister Amelia were barely 4 years old and the triplets were barely a year old. Ariel spent more time being angry with her mother over the fact that her father left all of them since she had never told him about herself. Her father stayed gone for about a year before coming back and claiming that he had had time to think about things and that he forgave his wife for not telling him. Things seemed to go back to normal for a while with her father, except for the underhanded cutting comments he would throw out periodically. By the time Ariel turned 11 and her own acceptance letter arrived, her father had decided too many of his children were lost to the “witch gene” for him to actually be their father so he took his only son and left them all for good. He sent the papers to dissolve his marriage to her mother while Ariel had been away for her first six months of school which she despised. She came home for winter break to find her father in the living room playing with her triplet sisters like nothing was ever wrong. Ariel dropped her bag on the floor, demanding to know what he wanted. After a rather hurtful discussion with her parents on the fact that he was there at all, Ariel stormed off away from her parents and contacted her grandparents, asking to spend the rest of the break with them. While staying with them, Ariel brought up wanting to change schools and stay with her grandparents as long as her father was around. Her grandparents agreed, her mother refused. She agreed to allow Ariel to change schools as long as the school she attended was still in the States. Ariel chose Ilvermorny because it was still in the States like her mother wanted and it put her about 4000 miles away from her father which is what Ariel wanted. Ariel finished her first year of school at Ilvermorny.

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