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 How To Paint A Metamorphmagi, Closed to Eric
Tanya Rhonimus
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 12:08 PM

Age / 15 | Height / 5

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Minsk, Belarus

Single / n/a

Post Count/ 166

The Foxy One | Any

The art club was tasked with creating three paintings. The first, a self-portrait that Tanya poured much of her energy into. The final product was one she was quite proud of. The other two were to be portraits of other people. Tanya knew almost immediately who one of those people would be and how she wished to paint him. It was a snap decision but a choice so logical that she could not think of it any other way. Study of her subject wouldn't be necessary as her memory was sufficient for the task.

Tanya poured herself into research as her painting used an unfamiliar style. She had to familiarize herself with new color and composition theories and spent a day practicing before she attempted the project. Though, once she started the painting in earnest she delighted in hidden complexity of it. To form shapes and define shadows with large geometrical shapes formed something both recognizable yet alien to the eye. Tanya was so engrossed in painting that she completely forgot about dinner that day and breakfast the next. But it was worth it to see the finished project, and then charm the paint so that it would dry instantly.

Tanya showed the painting to Gia at the next meeting. The seventh year girl said they could give what they painted to the subject and Tanya wished to do just that. After the meeting Tanya covered the painting and carried it under arm to the Great Hall. It wasn't a large painting, and fit easily under her arm so it could fit in a trunk without too much difficulty.

By some stroke of luck she found her subject there in the great all. Tanya approached the first year boy and gave him a small smile. She had hoped to find him today as locating him during field day would have been a nightmare. "Hello, Eric. Um, I painted something for you. In art club we were asked to paint portraits of other people and I decided to paint on of you."

The green girl held out the painting she did and removed the cloth cover that kept it safe. The painting was an abstract that exaggerated Eric's face and body. With one eye placed close to the top of his head, another right next to the right ear. His hair was shaded in blocks, each section a wildly different color. Tanya's flair for bold, complimenting colors was present, but so were thick black lines that clearly defined the shapes. The background was a solid, bright yellow that made the other colors pop and made the subject stand out in stark contrast.

"You can have it, if you'd like."

Eric Dobson - SURPRISE. IT'S ME. GIVING ERIC A PRESENT. And for them art club points a mention for Gia Donovan
Eric Dobson
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 08:05 PM

Mushroom Head/Ace of Spades

Age / 12 | Height / 4'9"

Pronouns / he/him

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / San Jose, California

Single /

Post Count/ 110

Grace | she/her

Eric was crossing through the Entrance Hall from the Wampus common room when he was stopped by Tanya. “Hi, Tanya!” Before he could say any more, she was telling him about the painting she had made of him. Before he even saw it, Eric’s face was flushed with pleasure. No one had ever done anything like that for him before. When she did reveal it to him, his face split into a wide grin.

“Wow, that is so cool.” Eric didn’t know much about art, but he enjoyed the way she had made his being look fluid. It was a cool way to capture his metamorphing abilities. It felt like an especially nice gesture considering the discussion that was going on due to the Seer Registration Bill. It was gratifying to have his metamorphing abilities represented in a positive form.

“Of course I want it!” He took it from her and stared at it more closely, taking in all the different shapes and colors. He tried to match some of the colors of his hair, though of course couldn’t do anything about the weird geometry of his face. “What do you think?” he held the picture up next to his face, smiling broadly. He felt a little bad now that he didn’t have something for Tanya, but maybe he could think of something over the summer.

Tanya Rhonimus
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