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 The Pearson Family, Foster Family
Kyara Valentino
 Posted: Aug 29 2017, 10:08 PM

Age / 16

Blood Type / Muggleborn

Hometown / New York, NY

Dating / Kiernan Chevalier

Author Alias / Kara

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 121

The Pearson Family

Family History:

Mr. Pearson is a half blood and special effects artist who works on movie sets in Los Angeles, CA. His wife is a muggleborn stay at home mother who desires a large family. They were unable to have children of their own, so they decided to become a foster family for children who had trouble fitting in with other families or for those who were said to have behavioral issues. They adopted two siblings when their parents died, and have been trying to expand their family ever since. They provide a very loving environment, and the kids rarely want for anything. However, that doesn’t seem to stop the children from fighting with one another.

The following family members are up for adoption. The family can also be expanded as time goes on. I am open to adding new characters, or hearing about an idea with one of the existing family members:

Eldest foster son (6th year): (Taken)
Name: Hayden McCleary
Age: 16
Blood: Unknown
Background: Hayden’s mother is in jail for identity theft, and the whereabouts of his father are unknown. He bounced around to different muggle homes until he was ten. He realized he had magic when he recieved a letter for a school of magic at age eleven. Since then he has bounced around, never fitting in. He gets into fights at school and has some anger issues. He has poor grades. He has been with the Pearsons for a year because his previous foster parents no longer wanted him there because he was fighting with the other kids. He has been at Ilvermorny for a year.
Basic personality traits: Withdrawn, aloof, and has anger issues.

3rd year boy (Taken)
Name: Coda Pearson
Age: 13
Blood: Pureblood
Background: His parents died in an accident when they were experimenting with potions. They were brilliant risk takers. He is also very intelligent. His sister, Sadie, is a first year. He is a bit socially awkward, and sometimes says random things no one understands. He likes to talk to anyone who will listen to him, and even those who don’t actually want to listen to him, because he doesn’t pick up on their disinterest. He tends to know random facts. He is very friendly. Coda was with the Pearsons since he was two and they officially adopted him and his sister. He has been attending Ilvermorny since his first year.

1st year girl

Name: Sadie Pearson
Age: 11
Blood: Pureblood
Background: Her background is the same as her brother, Coda. She is also intelligent, but not as intelligent as her brother. She is really sweet, loves animals, is friendly towards everyone, and is also very charismatic. Most would describe her as adorable. She enjoys participating in nerdy things that her brother likes.

3rd year girl
Name: Jordan Raneri (Taken)
Age: 13
Blood: Unknown
Background: Her mother was magical, and put her up for a closed adoption. She was adopted by a family, and the mother died from cancer. Her adopted father felt as though he couldn’t take care of her in his grief, so she returned to the adoption system when she was 4. Since then she has shuffled from foster home to foster home for bad behavior. She doesn’t feel like she has an identity.
Personality: Sassy, starts trouble, slacker, loud, tries to befriend others so they will help her play pranks and such. She is of average intelligence, but she doesn’t apply herself. She secretly resents her two siblings that were adopted.

Please PM me with questions or any interest so we can chat about it.

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Coda Pearson
 Posted: Dec 10 2017, 02:57 AM


Age / 14

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Los Angeles, California

Single / Not Interested

Author Alias / Pine

Timezone/ EST (GMT -04:00)

Post Count/ 26

Just bumping this thread to let everyone know that we are still looking for a Sadie! If you are interested, feel free to PM Kyara or I if you have questions or simply want to bounce ideas. : )


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Thanks to Sofia for the images! Come check out her work here.
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