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 Not Quite a TOAD in the Sun, TOADS exams
Cian Chevalier
 Posted: Aug 11 2017, 03:31 PM


Age / 16

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, Vermont

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Author Alias / Grace

Timezone/ Central

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The day of the TOADS exams had finally arrived. Although Cian felt as though he had been working relentlessly, he still wasn’t sure if he was ready. There was no doubt that his spell casting had vastly improved, but he didn’t know if it would be enough. And although the deviation from the curriculum when it came to voodoo practice and signed magic was both enjoyable and a confidence boost, he now wondered if perhaps he had gotten a bit too distracted with it. Well, there was nothing he could do now, he reminded himself.

He fidgeted nervously as he waited for first Chloe’s then his name. Although he didn’t have the same anxiety issues as Rory, he was feeling very nervous. None of the Chevaliers had ever had to take a test like this. He looked over at Chloe and Saoirse, wondering if they were feeling as jittery as he was. What if he couldn’t concentrate and messed up his practicals? What if he sat down for his written exams and simply forgot everything? Did they kick you out of Ilvermorny if you failed all your TOADS? He was so caught up in his thoughts he almost didn’t notice when Chloe was called. He waved to his twin, his face paler than normal.

One of the runners waved Cian forward when his name was called, evidently having been told that Cian was deaf. His examiner was Mildred Smith. From what he had picked up from other students, she was one of the tougher examiners, despite her friendly smile. Cian tried to return it, but was afraid it might have come out more as a grimace. The examiner was accompanied by a middle-aged woman dressed in a practical dark long-sleeved shirt and dress pants. “You require an interpreter, correct?” Cian nodded after the middle aged woman, clearly the interpreter, asked him in ASL.

“Your wand, please, Mr Chevalier.” Cian handed his wand over, watching apprehensively as it was examined closely by Mrs Smith. Of course, he had done nothing to feel worried about, but he still imagined the examiner accusing him of cheating or sending him out of the room because there was something wrong with his wand. After a few moments, she seemed satisfied, and handed it back. “Well, let’s begin, shall we?” She looked far too cheerful for what was about to happen, in Cian’s opinion.

“Charms first. Please perform an unlocking charm, a summoning spell and a severing charm.” Okay, he could do this. He had even specifically practiced the unlocking charm with Chloe. Mrs Smith summoned a large padlock and placed it on the table in front of him. Going through his steps, he first cleared his mind, lifted his wand, then concentrated on the result he wanted. Since he had been practicing learning the sounds of the spells, he tried to imagine the spoken word too Alohamora. It sounded like Chloe's voice. After several moments and a few repeats, the lock popped open. He saw Mrs Smith give a slight start then look down at the lock.

“Are you performing everything non-verbally?” Cian’s gaze flicked from the interpreter to the examiner. Yes, he nodded. An undeniably impressed look spread across the examiner’s face. “I apologize if it is rude to ask, but are you deaf since birth?” Again, a nod from Cian. “How do you…. I’m sorry. That’s fascinating. Please continue.” Cian’s cheeks grew red. He felt as though the examiner was watching him much more closely now. What were the other spells he was supposed to complete, again? He managed the next two spells without too much trouble, although he dropped the goblet he summoned. His severing charm was far from neat, but it was at least effective.

Transfiguration, the practical portion of which he had always found particularly tricky, didn’t go quite as well. He was asked to perform a doubling charm. The double of the goblet he had summoned lacked the intricate details and crest of the original. All things considered, he told himself that he had managed well. Mrs Smith thankfully didn’t seem to worry about the time it was taking him to complete his casting. For the DADA portion, a poor assistant, a young man of perhaps 19, was summoned to be on the receiving end of Cian’s hexes and jinxes.

He struggled somewhat with the first two jinxes he was given. Even with all his siblings, he hadn’t had much use for jinxes on the farm in Ireland. “Now, say you meet this young man in a dark alley, threatening you with a wand, what’s your first move?” Despite himself, a small smile quirked Cian’s lips. This was exactly the scenario Professor Allain had suggested to him, but he hadn’t thought it would show on the test. He half wondered if his examiner simply wanted to see what his solution was. The langlock jinx was actually coming more easily to him recently, and he performed it quicker than the others. The assistant seemed to cough, then worked his mouth awkwardly and Cian knew that his jinx had been a success. “Oh my, that’s excellent.” Mrs Smith’s smile seemed more genuine this time.

His practical exams for Potions and Herbology were practically a breeze. He had almost no trouble with his brew and by the end of it was actually feeling far more relaxed than he had all day. Potions were like puzzles. He enjoyed the focussed effort and the reward at the end. The herbology portion was also almost enjoyable. He had no trouble identifying the dangerous plants from the mundane. By the time divination rolled around, he was feeling much more confident than he had when the examinations had first started. Care of Magical Creatures went similarly. Although there was a moment when the interpreter messed up his answer that he fortunately managed to catch. Astronomy, a subject he enjoyed but wasn’t passionate about, was fine. Divination, however, did not go well. The fact that he had never pursued divination at home and having gotten distracted by all of his other studies, Cian had definitively fallen behind in the subject. He tried not to think about it too much as the first set of examinations came to an end.

His written exams were much less stressful. This was where he did much better, able to call to mind strangely spelled names for History of Magic and answer complex questions about transfiguration theory. As with potions, he nearly enjoyed writing his essay on the history and implications of the definition of “beast” and “being” in magical government. By the end of the day, he was feeling exhausted but not too disheartened by the experience. Now all he had to do was wait.

History of Magic - O
Herbology - O
Potions - O
Care of Magical Creatures - O
Astronomy - E
Transfiguration - A
Divination - P
Charms - A
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