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 Planetary Optimization, Advanced Astronomy
Briar Rose Scribe
 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 08:15 PM


Age / 24 | Height / Average

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Today's Astronomy lesson took place on a clear Thursday night. When the students first arrived they were directed to set up their telescopes, pull out their star charts then wait for further instruction. Professor Scribe smiled as he watched the students organize themselves, and would answer questions about the homework or help those who needed it. Once everyone's eyes were upon him he spoke.

"Welcome to class. Today we will be furthering your study of alchemy and its relation to the planets. The two are intrinsically tied together as alchemical properties are determined by the position of its aligning planet. Copper kettles, as you know, gain increased potion making potential when Venus is in rising. For the vast majority of potions such things are inconsequential, but several potions depend upon such slight changes for a successful brew. Indeed, some could only be brewed under a full moon, or when certain planets are in certain positions.

"So take note those who wish to study alchemy further or are serious potion brewers." Briar drew his unusually long wand and wrote instructions in the air with wispy, silver letters. "You shall select a metal then determine the day of the week and planet that influence it. Then, chart that planet for when that metal would be at its most potent in potion craft. Be sure to accommodate for cosmic interference or if another planet's position superimposes it."

Briar clapped his hands and motioned for the class to get to it. While praying no one asked him for further explaination. He studied for weeks to give this lesson, and was terrified he would forget some small detail then ruin a poor young wizard's education forever. Not that it would happen, he just worried about it. "Oh! One last thing. Your homework!" Briar added to the writing in the air. The homework was to write a twenty four inch paper on spells that rely upon planetary or lunar positions along with dates of ideal planet locations.

There! Now they can work in piece. In groups if they'd like though they didn't have to.

OOC: To reply to this lesson, please create a new topic below or reply to another student. Remember to stick to the site rules. Feel free to tag Professor Scribe if you need assistance.

I found this thread and thought it was quite interesting. So I drew my inspiration from here!

As for the metals we'll use this list from that same thread:
Sun Sunday Gold
Moon Monday Silver
Mars Tuesday Iron
Mercury Wednesday Mercury
Jupiter Thursday Tin
Venus Friday Copper
Saturn Saturday Lead
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