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 "Open Me and You Will See.", Closed | One Shot
Logan Beaumont IV
 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 09:53 PM

Mr. Society

Age / 17 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / New York City, New York

Taken / Bridget Lavale

Post Count/ 133

Kara |

As he searched through his wardrobe for a sweater, Logan’s eyes fell on the box Katie had given him a few days before. He hadn’t opened it, knowing that he shouldn’t, however that didn’t mean that he wasn’t tempted. Bridget was a secretive person, and he suspected some of her secrets were inside of that box. After consulting Hunter for help, he placed a charm on the box that required drawing a few symbols with a wand to open it. It seemed like a smart idea to protect her privacy should one of his roommates snoop through his things.

Was he capable of respecting her privacy? What was even in the box? He ran his finger along the opening, and sighed to himself in frustration as he picked up the box and carried it to his bed. Logan would feel guilty about it later, but he wanted to know what she didn’t want to remember. He wanted to help Bridget, and he couldn’t do that unless he was willing to break a few of his own rules. With a quick glance to make sure no one was coming, he drew the symbols with his wand and opened the box.

At first glance, Logan spotted a painting of some sort, which he took out of the box to examine. It was a painting of Bridget. In a toga. His eyebrows scrunched in confusion as he set it aside. There were notes from class. Shared conversations between Bridget and Chloe. Removing them from the box revealed a letter to Chloe that was never sent. Logan’s face dropped as he started reading it. He sat down on the edge of the bed, as he continued to read the letter with intensity. It delved into Bridget’s feelings for Chloe. How sorry she was for pushing her away, and how she had worried that Chloe would leave her. How she was afraid that their friendship was beyond repair. He let the note fall from his hand after he read the last part about how she thought she loved Chloe and hoped someday Chloe will share the same feelings.

His eyes fixated on the painting. Suddenly, it made more sense. Chloe had painted it. Did Chloe love Bridget too? He pushed his hair back with his hand, unable to focus his thoughts. Carefully, he looked through the rest of the box. A note stuck to a book titled Milk and Honey caught his eye. “Return me and you will see.” It was in Bridget’s handwriting. When he picked up the book, a small slip of paper fell out. S-C R-E S-5. What did any of it mean? His eyes narrowed as he stared at the paper. The noise of someone returning to the dorm caused him to turn his head towards the door. The note in his hand self destructed, leaving him with a pile of ash. Logan quickly packed away all of the items, sealed the box, and returned it to his wardrobe.

He never should have opened it.

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