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 Tanya Rhonimus, Pretty Wicked
Tanya Rhonimus
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 11:42 PM

Age / 15 | Height / 5

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Minsk, Belarus

Single / n/a

Post Count/ 166

The Foxy One | Any

Tanya Galatea Rhonimus

user posted image

Name: Tanya Galatea Rhonimus
Age: 14 (Fourth Year)
Blood: Pureblood
Birthday: February 15th
Birthplace: Minsk, Belarus
Play-By: Agnieszka Pulapa

Wand: Pine, Veela Hair, 15”, elegantly carved with curling patterns around the handle.

Appearance: Tanya is rather short for her age, only 4’11” tall and 90lbs on her slight figure. She has full dark brown hair that she styles with added volume and shine. It is quite apparent that she is quite proud of her hair, but no matter how much attention she gives her hair everyone only sees the green skin. It is light avocado green in color, and is the skin she was born with. Any attempts to change it fail or fade away over time. Her eyes are stormy grey-blue color.

Personality: (need to rework this. check back later)

user posted image

Power, prestige, influence, what Pureblood family did not want these things? Among the European wizarding families the competition was fierce. So fierce that two East European families took their feud too far. Violence broke out, spells thrown and one curse struck Sveta Rhonimus, who was in the last third of her pregnancy. The curse was strong and would slowly kill both mother and child. The fighting came to an instant stop and Sveta was rushed to the hospital. The doctors were able to counter most of the curse, thus saved the life of Sveta and her child, but not all was well.

Sveta’s childbirth was painful and lasted for twenty three hours and when the child finally came her skin was green. Delirious from childbirth Sveta refused the child, appalled that they would think she could give birth to such an abomination. She demanded they give her real child over, and not that monster. Artyom Rhonimus was called in, and though he held the child, he refused to look at her. The two parents demanded that the doctors fix their child, but nothing could remove the green from the girl’s skin.

For a month Sveta stayed in the hospital due to the intense abdominal pains she started to suffer after birth. Artyom took the child home only so the hospital staff would not continue to harass both him and his wife with naming the horrible little thing. Eventually Sveta returned home, the healers unable to anything for her as her pain must be a remnant of the curse. Over a month after the birth of their child they finally named it.

Neither parent was prepared to raise a child, and they had not planned on it. They were both raised by nannies or servants and expected to do the same for their child, but with the name of their family on the line they could not let Tanya’s existence come to light. Thus they grudgingly raised the girl themselves, if their efforts could be called parenting. Often, Tanya was left alone with only protective charms to keep her from harm or getting into places she shouldn’t. If she cried she was silenced, if she threw a fit she was locked in her room. Should she break something or cause whatever slight in her parent’s eyes she was denied dinner. Honestly, she would have been better off raised by wolves than the oppressive, loveless house she found herself in.

Around the time Tanya turned four her parents moved across Europe to England where they bought a house outside London. It was a large estate, hidden by magic and empty with only three people to fill it. Sveta and Artyom moved to escape their peers who had started to ask too many questions. They would not let Tanya ruin the family name. Tanya didn’t care, and when she was six she was deemed old enough to take care of herself and to stay out of trouble on her own. They were quite wrong. For years Tanya destroyed rooms of the house, drew on the walls, shredded pillows with knives and mostly got away with it. There were so many rooms in the house that her parents never realized the full extent of her destruction. But Tanya took great pleasure in it, especially with painting everything she could reach with her brush.

Things relaxed when she discovered a book of Art History in the library. After seeing so many different masterpieces and styles of art, Tanya took her painting more seriously. Gone was the haphazard lines of color or the desire to paint just to make a mess, now she wanted to make something worthy of being shown in her book. Art was a much needed vent for her feelings, and gave her bored mind something to focus on. Books filled the void of conversation, and art taught her love. Her messy supplies taught her to organize and life became just a bit more bearable for the whole family.

The fall of Tanya’s eleventh year shook the family. A letter from Hogwarts arrived by owl and poor Tanya let her excitement soar. She never knew any other child, only knew her parents, the prospect of meeting other children her age, to learn magic was too much for her to bear. But to Sveta and Artyom it was a terrible nightmare. Tanya was told she was never going to attend Hogwarts and the blow up was catastrophic. Tanya swept through the house like a thunderstorm, her natural magic powered by her tumultuous emotions. At the end she was locked in her room for days with no food and given only water to drink. It was clear to her parents, however, that she had to learn how to control her magic. But neither would teach her.

Tanya even attempted to sneak from the home to go to Hogwarts by herself but the home’s protections caught her and she was once again locked in her room.

It was decided to send Tanya to her cousin in America. Kepler Elder made the grave mistake of marrying a muggleborn wizard, and was promptly disowned from the family. Even if Kepler were to reveal Tanya to the rest of the family she wouldn’t be believed. The move turned Tanya’s life upside down. The upset made her testy and angry with Kepler and her husband. Tanya acted as she always had, destroyed their home, hurled insults at them, but was shown unfaltering compassion in return. For the first time in her life Tanya was asked why she was angry, why she had acted as she had. Kepler and Bertram talked Tanya through her emotions, and did not punish with harshness, but gave consequences for actions. Tanya would not be locked in her room, but instead given extra chores and told to clean the mess she made.

The next four years were confusing, she felt unsteady as though she walked across loose ground. There was love in the Elder home, and understanding. They encouraged her art, taught her magic and Bertram even instructed Tanya in basic yoga. But these changes only lead to more upset in Tanya for it showed how small her world was, how isolated she had lived, and highlighted the life she could have had if her parents would have just given up their name. Or if she had not been born green.

Later, upon learning about Ilvermorny, Tanya applied to the school in secret for she no longer wanted to live hidden away for the sake of a family that refused to accept her. When Kepler found out, she gave Tanya her full support and together they finalized Tanya’s application. The arrival of the acceptance letter elevated Tanya’s spirits beyond that night she first received her Hogwarts letter. Finally she could live the life she was denied. If only things were as easy as Tanya thought they would be.

user posted image

Addition Info: Cursed in the womb, and thus came out green. Water does not hurt her (but words still can.) Her mother is unable to have any other children and suffers frequent and intense abdominal pains.

Patronus: A raven

Tanya prides herself as a skilled artist. She does everything from drawing, to painting, to sculpting and even metal working. But if forced to pick which style of art was her favorite she would have to pick painting. Her painting work is phenomenal due to her perfectionist nature and all the time she spent honing the skill. Though her favorite canvas is people, and this isn’t your average fair face painting, this is big league face painting.

This girl has military-grade organizational skills. She has day planners, week planners, monthly planners, yearly planners, drawers for everything. You name it, it has a place that is labeled and at a 90 degree angle from everything else. Mess with her system and you’ll suffer her wrath.
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