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 Ghost of lives past, Lucas’ one shot
Lucas Grey
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 11:07 PM


Age / 26 | Height / 6'1

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / London, England

Single /

Post Count/ 13

Clary | She/Her

Lucas had been killing himself at the bar as of late. The nights were endless, and he felt as though he had not gotten a good night's sleep in a very long time. Physically, he was exhausted but he had a few errands to run before he could get home for some sleep. First though, he needed some food and it was safe to assume The Battered Seas would be open during the afternoon. Starting to head that way from the bar, he took a quick look both ways before crossing the street and he swore he saw a familiar head of blonde hair. Looking back again, the familiar head was gone and he passed it off as his tired mind conjuring up something that was not there.

Picking up a shepherds pie to go and having a brief friendly conversation with the owner and his fiance, he went on his way to finish up his errands so he could get home and go to sleep. The blonde wizard decided to head over to Clara’s to see that familiar redhead and pick up something sweet, but again on his way there, he saw that familiar head of blonde hair; though this time he saw a bit more of her head. It was shaped perfectly, her eyes were a bright blue and taking a second to make sure he was not stopping in the street, looked down and looked back up and she was gone. Lucas shook his head and decided to just head home, errands be damned. He clearly needed to sleep if he was conjuring up Daisy on the streets of Greylock. It was impossible she was dead.

After a brief walk, he ended up finally at home. Grabbing a fork, he sat at the counter in his apartment and wolfed down the pie he had picked up. However, a soft bang had him putting down his pie and taking out his wand in preparation. Unsure of who or what was in his place he was prepared. He knew his defensive spells and was prepared to kill anyone who dared harm him or anyone else. His kitchen and living room were empty, bedroom and bathroom were all that was left. Heading down the short hallway, he raised his wand higher and stepped into the room when his eyes widened in shock and surprise.

“‘Ello luv, surprised to see me? Put that wand down before you ‘urt yourself.” Were his eyes deceiving him? Daisy was laying on his bed, alive and from the looks of it perfectly healthy. Lucas dropped to his knees on the floor, losing his wand in the process and put his head in his hands. How was this possible? She was dead, she would have come forward when they were so close together and heard he was looking for her, right? The underground was big, but it was not that big, news travelled fast down there. His voice was muffled with his head in his hands and his voice was hoarse, “what are you… how…” Lucas heard her get off the bed and felt her come closer to him. She put a hand on his back, and kneeled down to face him, her touch was not the same. ”Look at me Lucas, I am ‘ere it’s me, it’s Daisy.” He was hearing her words but he was not believing them, so he looked up at her, looked into those familiar blue eyes. They were different; what was once eyes of warmth and love, were eyes of coldness and hatred.

Daisy hated small towns, the people were too nice and the streets were overcrowded. However, she was there for one reason, and it was to get Lucas. Daisy knew he was looking for her in the underground however, she did not want to be found. Not by him anyways, he was too infatuated with her, he loved her too much and she could not be with a halfblood when she was trying to work her way up. However, she heard of what he did in the underground, how he found his way through it while he was a halfblood. No one suspected a thing, they were convinced he was pure, but she knew the truth. It impressed her to say the least, and she knew one day she would find him again when she needed him. She was trying to be patient with Lucas, but he was acting like a child, she needed him to get himself together so everything in her plan would fall into place. Releasing a sigh of impatience, she looked him in the eyes. Of course, they were still filled with love and hope. Hopefully though, she would quickly get that out of him. ”Listen to me Lucas, Edwin is dead. I am taking ‘is place, I want you to join me by my side. I love you Lucas, join me and be with me forever.” She did not truly love him, not like she used to but she played the part perfectly because she needed an occlumen by her side, she could hide easily that he was only a halfblood.

Lucas was looking at her with disbelief coating his face. Edwin was the leader of the underground, Lucas had met him a few times because Edwin never quite trusted him. He kept a close eye on Lucas, it made his work difficult but he learned quite a bit and became more talented. He supposed that he should thank Edwin for his constant supervision and intervention. However, it was anger and shock that jolted him up into a standing position.

She loved him? Bullshit. She did not love him, if she did she would not have had him convinced she was dead. Taking all this in, he paced in the room until he stopped and looked at her again. He could see it in her eyes that she was lying, he was just unsure of what she wanted from him. “Daisy, what do you want from me?” He ran a hand through his hair out of frustration. “I searched for you for over a year, you knew about it didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me you were alive, I was lost Daisy! I ‘ad nobody!” He raised his voice then, moving closer to get in her face. He was so pissed off, but he needed to know what she truly wanted from him. Backing off with a frustrated sigh, he looked her in the eyes once more. “What do you really want Daisy?” He said it quietly that time, hoping to get the truth out of her.

Daisy would not tell him the truth. If she told him, all her hopes for gaining him by her side would fail. She gave him her best puppy dog face and put a finger to his chest. Lightly, she dragged it across to his shoulder, making a circle around his body. ”Lucas my love,” She paused at his ear, leaning to whisper in it. ”I want you.” She backed off, giving him some time to process. Unsure if she could keep up the act, she found an excuse to make her way out. ”I’ll let you think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon I expect your decision then, my love.” She gathered her bag and belongings and with a smirk to his back, she made her way out.

Lucas’ body tensed up with her familiar voice in his ear. Her breath was the same, her scent. Everything else about her though, it was cold and distant. He did not believe that she loved him, he knew she had some other reason for wanting him with her. Lucas knew though, she would never share that much about her plan. He held his breath, not answering until she left the apartment. Releasing a breath of anger, he punched the wall trying to get out as much as he could. He needed help, she could not rule; she would make them thrive.

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