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 Sunscreen doesn't fix burns, Witch Hunts Lesson
Theodore St-Pierre
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 12:28 AM


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Poppy |

Theodore arrived to the Intermediate History of Magic Class early so he could set up for the class lesson. Today it was on the infamous witch hunts... this was definitely a touchy subject as some of the students must have had relatives that were affected.

He welcomed the class in with a welcoming smile. "Hello intermediates! My name is Professor St-Pierre and today I will be teaching your History of Magic Class."

The substitute professor looked around at the intermediate class. They looked definitely older than the beginning class yet younger than advanced class... so exactly what he was expecting.

"Today's lesson is on the witch hunts that took place throughout the 14th century. They were a terrible time for all wizarding kind as no-majs attempted to burn all those who practiced magic as they deemed them as evil. Thousands of defensless witches and wizards perished but those that didn't used a specific spell if ever caught. He looked around the class as he started to ask his question. "Does anyone remember the exact spell?"

He smiled at the student who correctly answered the question. "Yes exactly!"

Theo decided to make the class a bit more interesting. At each students desk he placed a little doll. Inside the doll's hand was a scrolled up note containing information about a famous witch or wizard that lived during the trials. It explained where they lived, whether they survived, or died.

"I would like you to read the note I gave you about your famous witch or wizard and choose one classmate to compare and contrast with. By the end of class I would like you both to explain to me your findings on your specific witch or wizard." Theo brightly smiled at the group. "Good luck class, I know you'll all do great!"

OOC: To reply to this post, make a new topic or you can reply to another student. Please follow site rules while replying. If help is needed, don't hesitate to tag Professor St-Pierre.

(First person to answer the bonus question will get extra-points. Please tag me when you do so I know for sure. And also tag me when both students are ready for me to hear their findings! Feel free to make up the famous wizards and witches as long you tie them to the Witch Hunts in some way, the more creative the better!!)

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