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 Teacher's Pet Fail, OPEN | Papers Passed Out
Caelia Lucan
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 08:48 AM

just a silly little girl

Age / 18 | Height / 5'6" / 1.73m

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Massachusetts

Married (?) / Sasha MacKenzie

Post Count/ 66

"Jane Doe" | She/Her/Hers

Astronomy wasn’t an easy class, but it was an interesting class and so Caelia had kept at it been when she felt discouraged by the amount of studying she’d needed to do for it. Oh, the studying! Caelia’d needed to study for Astronomy like she’d never studied for any other class before, but it was all worth it. She was actually having fun and Professor Carlisle had offered her some help outside of the lessons when she really needed it. They were into the new semester with Professor Lawson, but Caelia still hadn’t gotten up the courage to ask him for extra tutoring help.

Jax already helped her with what he could, but Caelia had always felt more secure when she had the aid of the professor on top of them. That day when he asked for someone to pass out the papers, she leapt at the chance. She needed all the extra credit she could get. Caelia scribbled something down on the corner of her notes and tore it out, leaving it on Professor Lawson’s desk when she got there to collect the papers. Unfortunately, Professor Lawson continued to lecture as she was handing out the papers and she sort of wished she had stayed seated so that she could take notes on what he was saying. No bother, if the people she was sitting with in that moment wouldn’t let her bum notes off them she was sure she could get them from Jax or Kayla later.

Caelia managed to get a couple last minute notes into her notebook and sighed when he assigned them to write a 15-inch essay on the lesson. “Hey, could I borrow your notes?” she asked, leaning over to the student to her right. “I didn’t think to set up a Quik-Notes Quill* while I was passing out those questionnaires.”

Robyn Lawson & Jax Donovan for the mentions

Caelia's note to Professor Lawson: Can we talk after class privately? I want to discuss my grades.

*Quik-Notes Quill is just a made-up brand name for a quill which takes notes for students. They are more or less unreliable and shouldn't be used for a period longer than fifteen minutes because they tend to start scribbling nonsense if they don't get a break. Feel free to use this quill in any of your own posts.

user posted image
*being a fool sometimes does not make one a fool all the time
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