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 Just grand, open
Morgan Blackburn
 Posted: Jun 27 2018, 09:14 PM

Age / 24 | Height / 5'7

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / London, England

Single--No Time /

Post Count/ 29

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Morgan felt beyond stupid as Gabriel explained his meaning to her. Why on earth she had thought he actually meant that someone's flat had been broken into was beyond her at that moment. All Morgan could attribute the misunderstanding to was the fact that her brain was not fully awake and functioning properly like it should be. "'e must think I'm completely thick right now," Morgan chastised herself. She could not believe how damned mental she must have sounded to the poor man just then. Morgan and very little sleep did not work well at all for anyone. She could not believe just how incredibly feather-brained she sounded. It made Morgan want to crawl into a hole and die.

"Yes of-course...the new neighbor," Morgan nodded, indicating that she was somewhat at least on the same page as Gabe. Her full comprehension might have been seriously compromised by the lack of sleep, but she hadn't lost all of her faculties. "My apologies...it would seem that myself and fatigue do not get along at all," she offered as a means of apology. Morgan nodded at Gabe's suggestion. "That sounds fine. Mine is the first apartment at the top of the stairs on the right 'and side of our new neighbor's," she told him, making it slightly easier on him to contact her.

Morgan watched as Gabriel finally shut the door to his and his brother's mailbox, having already removed its contents a few minutes before. Morgan nodded at his question, not sure of what else to say to him. Her attempts at conversation went about as well as she could have expected given her serious lack of experience. "I would like that," she told Gabe, surprised to find that she actually meant it. "It was a pleasure to meet you Gabriel. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to 'ead up to my flat now and try to see if I can't get some rest," she offered him a small smile in parting. "Until we meet for coffee," Morgan gave Gabriel a small wave goodbye as she took the stairs up from the lobby to her apartment. Once inside she cast a Silencing Charm on her flat and curled up on her sofa to take a nap. She could only hope that she could get some sleep before her coffee meeting with Gabriel...whenever that was.

Gabriel Mironov

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