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 Dairy of Darius, A look at the inner mind
Darius Hoffman
 Posted: Mar 31 2017, 04:34 PM
Darius Hoffman

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H-hi, mi name is Darius Hoffman.

I am 5 yurs old.

Today, sissy made me where really stwange clothes. The shirt was like the ones the big men weared when he came to talk to sis and sissy. He made sissy cry, sis ditn’t let me hear. She saided that I should go pway with my toys instead. I dit not want to make her angwy at me. B-but sissy was cwying a lot. I can’t hear what they talk about. So I jus sat and play with my favorite bear, Mr Stuffles.

Aftwe the big man in the stwange clothes go bye bye, sissy came to my room. She cawwied me to my big boy bed, that mama got for me thwee days ago. I know it was 3 cause the sun was up 3 times. Mama was helping me with maths, she said I need to know the days well. Speaking of which, mama hasn’t been at home a lot. Mama works a lot, I get scwared when mama is nad here. Sissy huggles me really tight. My shirt is all wet. I wanna ask wat’s wrong, but sissy jast keeps hugging me.

Its now rainy outside. Sissy and sis are wearing black dwesses. I don like it but they look pweety in them. There’s a big box in front of me. Sis says you’re sleeping in the big box. Mama why are u sleeping in it. I ask sis why you no sleep in ur bed at home. Sissy says that u have to sleep here. Can I sleep here as well mama? Why did they leave you in the ground? Mama? Sissy says u in the sky with daddy now? You can even sleep with Mr Stuffles like we used to at night. Sissy won stop crying and sis no talk anymore. She’s sad, sissy is sad…. I miss u mama, please come home.
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