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Autumn-- Late November | Highs 81°F/ Lows 63°F
SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: Constant heavy rains continue drenching the Mount Greylock area. No relief in sight. Outdoor activity is not advised. Please use extreme caution as flooding may occur.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abigail Spencer Sixth Year 19-February 18 1
Admin Admin 14-March 18 30
Agda Gardie Fourth Year 13-March 17 70
Agnes Duvall Ghost 6-February 18 12
Akira Tanaka Second Year 17-April 18 6
Alani Vargas Shopkeeper 4-October 17 29
Alejandro Salvatore Fourth Year 9-April 18 13
Alexander O'Malley Shopkeeper 17-May 17 16
Alfred Pye Adult 17-February 17 35
Amelie Vieira Staff 30-March 18 1
Anton Novoselić Adult 27-June 17 52 Photo
Ariel Blackburn Fourth Year 17-March 17 367
Arne Reinhardt Seventh Year 13-March 17 86
Ava Fletcher Adult 17-February 17 17
Ayla Tremaine Admin 16-February 17 104
Ayumu Mori Seventh Year 9-March 18 12
Óskar Elinsson Gardie Child 4-February 18 5
Barnaby Pye Adult 17-February 17 39
Blaire Vice Seventh Year 7-June 17 77
Brendan Cooley Adult 7-November 17 7
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