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 A Pirate's Life For Me
Caleb Rowan
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 04:00 PM


Age / 16

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / New York


Author Alias / Lisa

Timezone/ GMT

Post Count/ 108

Wandering through the corridors, Cal realised that it was overly quiet, which meant that something was a foot and he wanted nothing to do with it, though he was kind of curious about it, but not enough to actually, find out. If anything, interesting happened then he would likely find out about in the morning or second hand in the form of drama. After spending some time alone in the green house, just painting in the quiet surrounded by all the strange and wonderful plants, although he didn't exactly like being completely covered in paint that came along with working in there. It felt like some of the summer heat was still in the mites of lingering and Cal felt like his hair was plastering itself to his head, and his roots were bad enough that it needed to be dyed again. After showering and doing whatever else there was to do, he decided to try and find something to do, in the meantime before curfew.

With everything that was going on with Danni and all her strange behavior, he had hardly had time to realise what the heck he wanted out of this year, so avoiding anything to do with her seemed to be for the best and it certainly seemed to be the healthiest. He was so over the whole party scene and didn't need to be involved anymore, especially if he really wanted to make his dream of going to Australia a reality.

Also, during the summer, he'd been sent a letter from Poppy. Weirdly he wasn't angry or didn't even mind the suggestion of just being friends. He'd written back to say that he was fine with the situation. Honestly as far as he was concerned, maybe the timing had been off, because of all that had gone down, but he wasn't going to pine over spilled milk.

Without even noticing or fully realising where the heck he had been headed in the first place, Cal found himself standing in front of a very grumpy looking pirate. "Oy, wha ye lookin at ladie? Be ye 'er ta steal me 'old." Over the years Cal had been somewhat respectful towards the occupants of the portraits that hung around the school. But this was the first time that he had come across this painting. How the heck was he even supposed to react to that, painting was just strange.

Theodore Spellman Kurt Reagan

(Poppy Everheart for the mention)

Pirate painting

user posted image

*Lyrics Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings*
Kurt Reagan
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 09:56 PM


Age / 15

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Richmond, Virginia

Single / Wishful Thinking

Author Alias / Pine

Timezone/ EST (GMT -04:00)

Post Count/ 56

The castle was noticeably more quiet. And perhaps even more pleasant, at that. It wasn't too drastically empty, but groups of notably-rotten personalities were nowhere to be found (thank Merlin). Gossip was dormant, and Kurt could comfortably slip in and out of the secret passages without worrying about being seen. However, he was still anxious. How are they doing? Are they OK? His pale hands fidgeted nervously as he paced aimlessly around Ilvermorny: alone. Kurt finally mustered up the courage to ask an older boy walking down the corridor about the Rose Party. The raven-haired Thunderbird had been invited to tag along with his friends, but it all just sounded like bad news to him. He didn't want to lose house points if they were caught. Not to mention that they might have bad things there. A chill ran down his spine as he recalled the terrifying effect Amortentia had on him the year prior. Poor Niamh. Kurt would never ingest another potion leisurely again. Hopefully Olyvia, Poppy, and the twins were okay...

Finding out that the upperclassman had a similar idea to his about staying out of the party was a great relief. Obviously staying behind wasn't the popular opinion, and Kurt hadn't been felt comfortable to talk to anyone about it freely. It felt like something had unplugged his electric, nervous mind as he connected with Theodore Spellman. Teddy, as he was called, turned out to be a very respectable young man whom Kurt definitely looked up to. He seemed smart. Proud to be himself. Good-looking. And even with those seemingly-perfect factors, he had a few flaws; Kurt really appreciated that. While they still couldn't be called good friends yet, Teddy was certainly a valuable acquaintance who he would probably interact with again. Eventually, they came across a boy who Kurt believed to be Danni's twin, along with a portrait of a pirate. Kurt gaped over several of Ilvermorny's portraits, but this one had always intimidated him, causing him to avert his gaze whenever he walked by. Though it was a lot easier to face the grumpy pirate when others were around. Mustering some courage, Kurt put on a brave face and went to join Caleb (with a gesture to Teddy). He folded his lanky arms in front of his chest protectively.

The adventurous fifth-year's silver gaze narrowed as he focused on the pirate's words. What? Did he just hear right, or was the pirate talking in fluent gibberish? Or was it a thick accent?

"I-is he speaking English?" he half-whispered to the other boys.

Caleb Rowan, Theodore Spellman

user posted image

Thanks to Jule-Rae for helping with the profile picture!
Theodore Spellman
 Posted: 14 minutes ago


Age / 16

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Orlando, FL, USA

Single / N/A

Author Alias / Sammy

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 7

Teddy was trying to take a break from parties that went a little too hard and it seemed like this "Rose Party" he heard about through the grapevine was bad news. Teddy didn't like affairs created just for purebloods or being around the use of substances to get your next high. It killed the vibe for him and made him more worried about what kind of trouble might ensure instead of allowing him to relax and have a good time. Sure, Teddy loved a good party and he wasn't exactly perfect, sometimes having alcohol at a party, but never going in too hard. Under the right circumstances he had made some questionable choices, but he didn't really want to take potions or any kind of drug except are prescribed to be used. His mother was right when she said it led to unpredictable consequences, something he was not ready for.

So, he decided to skip this one out.

Walking with a friend, Teddy managed to make it part way to the party, not realizing where his friend was going until they mentioned it and he put two and two together. You see, when Teddy was having a conversation with depth to it like he was at this moment, he didn't always pick up on things. For example, he didn't pick up on why they were wearing a monochromatic fancy outfit and seemed to be a little nervous about the night. They would be in attendance. He knew, as he had learned from many previous attempts with this individual, that no matter what pleas he made, they would be going to the party.

Relief fell over Teddy as he spotted a friend he would much prefer to spend the rest of the night with Kurt. Perhaps friend was a bit of a strong word, but the two of them seemed to get along just fine. He was smart and didn't get himself involved in anything that was too dangerous or potentially life-altering. Teddy enjoyed that about him. Smiling, he quickly pulled himself into conversation with Kurt and bid his other friend adieu, seizing on the opportunity to avoid the way his whole body went into overdrive when he was left alone.

As they made their way down the hall, Kurt and Teddy ran into Cal, who happened to be conversing with a pirate painting that thought he was out to steal its gold. Well, conversing was not really the right term to use, given Cal's lack of response, but the pirate sure seemed to be getting something out of accusing Cal of stealing his gold. Teddy chuckled to himself when Kurt asked if the pirate was speaking English. He couldn't help but to do so because he realized just how strong the pirate dialect invented by pop culture was and just how foreign it sounded. It would be fun, for certain to interact with the painting. It wasn't one Teddy had interacted with before, but he knew any interaction he heard of ended up with a fun story to go with it.

"Cal, I never pegged you as one to steal gold? What are you bothering this pirate for?" Teddy added with a smirk. He couldn't help but make a pirate pun in this kind of situation and why not have a little fun with the pirate while they were at it? He was definitely glad he missed out on the party because any adventure that started like this was bound to go so much more splendidly than a wild party would. He wouldn't be surprised if he heard about all kinds of punishments after the party, he just really hoped it wouldn't affect the Wampus House Points too dramatically.

user posted image
Thanks Tilani for the wonderful signature and avatars!
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