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 A Bestie, A Boyfriend and a Fanged Plant...Oh My!
Buffy Stratford
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 11:52 AM

The Buffster

Age / 14 | Height / 5'3

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Muggleborn

Hometown / Santa Monica, CA

Dating the Amazing Walter Willow /

Post Count/ 123

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Buffy bounced her way to Herbology class, feeling extra happy that day since she had gotten word from her parents that she would spending her summer at their beach house in Santa Barbara. That part wasn't really what had made her extra happy. She was used to spending her summers at the beach house. No, what had the perky little Pukwudgie extra happy was the fact that her parents were allowing her to invite two of her friends to join her for part of the summer at the beach house. Usually it was only a family trip.
Since her brother planned to be in Europe with his friends and her parents were going on a cruise to the Bahamas for their anniversary, that left Buffy alone for most of the summer. Her sister worked for a law firm in New York so she barely saw her anyway. Buffy spent the walk to the Greenhouses for class trying to decide who she wanted to invite to join her. She had immediately thought of Iris, but she had also immediately thought of Sawyer. Her best friend or her boyfriend. It should have been a pretty easy decision, but the perky little brunette just couldn't decide right away.
It wasn't until a brilliant idea hit her that she made her decision. Her parents never said in their letter which part of her summer was for which friend, so Buffy decided she'd invite them both. She would invite Iris for the part of the summer when she normally would be going to San Fernando for Cheer Camp, only she'd skip Cheer Camp that summer. Iris could stay with her at the main house and she'd invite Sawyer to the beach house when she left for Santa Barbara. By that point, her parents would already be on the cruise ship so it wasn't like they'd know what she was up to or care.
Glad that she had her plans finalized for the summer, Buffy happily made her way into the Greenhouse for class. Buffy put her bag down on the worktable she usually sat around and smiled towards Professor Watson. Buffy rested her chin on her palm as she listened to Professor Watson tell them about their lesson for that class. Her smile slipped just a little bit when he told them about the Fanged Geraniums. Seriously?! Another plant that liked to bite? What was it with magical plants and them liking to bite? Buffy seriously didn't like plants with teeth.
Buffy groaned a little when he told them that they had to take 3 teeth from the icky looking plant. If it wasn't for the teeth, Buffy would have been more than happy to play with the geranium. Buffy looked around the room and immediately settled her gaze on both her boyfriend and her bestie. Why not? It made sense for them to work together for class since she planned to ask both of them to spend the summer with her anyway. It just saved her time on when to ask them.
Approaching Sawyer and Iris, her gloves in her hand, Buffy asked if they wanted to group together for class. It was her asking….they wouldn't possibly tell her no right?

Iris Everheart
Sawyer Matheson

user posted image
Iris Everheart
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 12:02 AM


Age / 16 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Salem, Oregon

Taken / Bacon Boy

Post Count/ 46

Poppy |

Iris hadn't really thought of her summer plans. Currently they were zilch. Her father would still be working and most likely her mom would close up shop and they would all join him.

While London is always a fun trip, Iris was tired of doing the same trip on repeat every year.

That trip usually took up the whole month of June. July was cheer camp at Cedar Rapids and then she returned to Ilvermorny.

Herbology was always messy and dealt with some pretty bizarre plants. Today the intermediate class had to remove teeth from the Fanged Geranium. Iris flinched when she saw the huge and scary looking plant. A startled Iris said out-loud "Geez-Louise that's one scary looking plant!" While it was a scary sight, Iris wasn't going to let that ruin her grade in the class. Iris decided to ignore the plant for a moment as she put on her gloves.

As Iris walked back to her station she pleasantly walked into Buffy and Sawyer! The Buffster asked if they should group. Iris decided to give her bestie a playful response "Hmmm.... I don't know. Maybe I don't want to work with my best friend and her boyfriend?" Her cheeks raised as she giggled. "Like of course silly!! Ready whenever you are!"

Buffy Stratford Sawyer Matheson

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