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 A family affair, more family members will likely be added
Danni Rowan
 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 10:10 PM


Age / 16 | Height / 5 ft 7

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / New York

Single / as a Pringle

Post Count/ 53

Lisa | She/Her

Name: Faolan Rain Fitzpatrick

How to Pronounce: https://soundcloud.com/lisa-marauders4-8545...nouncing-faolan

Age: 11 (November 30th)

Blood status: Halfblood


Faolan often uses ISL to communicate, as a very young child he had delayed speech caused his Autism (Asperger's), he only began speaking at the age of six. Autism and Dyspraxia run in the family, so it is pretty common in some members of the family. Faolan is overly smart, to the point that he has information on things that are probably above his level, because of this he usually gets into trouble easily, as he can't keep his focus on one thing without getting bored. His mother Róisín has found a way of controlling his magic, by keeping him calm and allowing him to keep his hands busy with fidget toys. He is incredibly honest, almost to the point where it gets him into trouble for some of things he comes out with. Faolan despises his uncle Aedan, because of his refusal to believe that Maebh, Cal and Faolan himself all have neurological problems. He also blames him for the fact that the whole family have had to up sticks and move to America, because of what he did to get arrested. Faolan threw a custard tart at his uncle, during the meal in which they found out that they would be moving.

Faolan is the younger brother of Storm and Gráinne, they are rather close and he would do anything to protect them, despite the fact that they are much older than him. One such incident involved pelting Tom with dinner plates, because he made fun of Storm's haircut, he sometimes has trouble picking up on the fact that people are joking, such as Tom was. Faolan has read the dictionary and has a wide vocabulary. He is extremely attached to Cal, and sometimes gets jealous when other people want his attention. He also feels like it is his job to protect and explain things to Maebh, especially because of the fact that she's been brainwashed into thinking that she's "normal".

Faolan is obsessed with history and animals, he hopes to become a Magizoologist or a Magical Historian when he grows up. He is extremely close to his father, despite the fact that he mainly works away in Germany, as a Magical Historian and translator. He knows the least amount of information about his aunt's death, because he would likely go around giving out the full details if he was ever asked or if someone mentioned it to him.

Faolan's first word was "idiot", and it was aimed towards Gráinne, because she was having an extremely loud phone conversation, and she was ignoring him signing telling her to be more quiet, so he snapped and shouted at her. He still often struggles with his speech and attends speech therapy. He hates being talked down to in general, but especially hates it when people do it and assume that he can't hear exactly what they're saying. He is the first cousin of Danni and Caleb Rowan.

Suggested play-by: Someone with dark hair

please pm Danni Rowan with any questions

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*Lyrics All or Nothing by We Are The In Crowd
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