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 Tallulah Morrison
Tallulah Morrison
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 02:47 PM

Tal. Tally

Age / 36

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Bath, England

Married / Jamie Morrison

Author Alias / Shellers

Timezone/ GMT

Post Count/ 4


Name: Tallulah Morrison (nee Brimstone)
Age: 36
Job: MACUSA Department of International Co-Operation
Blood Status: Halfblood
Relationship Status: Married
Birthplace: Bath, England
Hometown: Carmel, California

Mother: Jennifer Brimstone (nee Reynolds). Muggle. 64
Father:Hemmingway Brimstone. Pure Blood. 65
Sister: Corrine Brimstone-Neri. 33
Daughter: Imogen Morrison. 16
Son: Oscar Morrison. 13


Tallulah was born in Bath a small city in the South West of England to a Muggle mother who managed a theatre in London's West End and then the Theatre Royal in Bath and a Pure Blood Wizard who worked at the Ministry of Magic as a Hit Wizard. Her early years were fun, she started ballet at the age of three and then ballroom plus Latin at the age of five. Tally attended a Muggle primary school keeping her magical skills and family a secret. The only friends that knew was her best friend Isabel Morrison and her one love Jamie Morrison, however they moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. At the age of eleven, her letter to Hogwarts arrived and on September 1st she was Sorted into Gryffindor.

At a Christmas event in her first year, students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatonx joined the Hogwarts students to get to know each other that was when she met a Spanish boy by the name of Chad Virgos who attended Durmstrang. The pair hit it off immediately and started a long distance friendship which evolved so much so that in her third year Tallulah transferred to Durmstrang, plus Hogwarts was getting petty in power struggles of Headmaster and Head of Houses.

It was at Durmstrang that she was placed into the house called Loki and thrived. She was made a prefect and Head Student and was a T.A in a few classes throughout her tenure there. Her relationship with Chad turned sour in her fourth year, only for them to get back together the start of her fifth. They got engaged in her sixth year only for him to transfer to Beauxbatons to be with his friends it was at this point she heard that he was cheating on her. This ultimate betrayal meant that she called off the engagement with a letter and sent the ring with it. In her final year, she threw herself into her internship at the Swedish Ministry and her final set of exams called IMPS so she could either be a Defensive Dark Arts professor or Ministry worker.

Just before her final exams, she bumped into Jamie Morrison. The dark haired messy boy grew into a tall, dark and handsome man. Their chemistry was electric and the couple secretly dated until she graduated and the couple married eighteen months later. She worked as a Divinations professor and part time Defensive Dark Arts professor before being pregnant with Imogen and the Swedish Ministry asked her to Head the Magical Education Department and be incharge of Ministry internships, Apparation and IMPS. Tallulah worked their when both Imogen and her son Oscar were small, up until Jamie was asked to come back to America. The family then all migrated to California which couldn't have come at a better time. Sweden had become far too dangerous with the sudden increase in the activity of Dark Wizards.

Life in California was difficult to get used to from the threatening experience of Scandinavia but after a few months she found her footing. She joined MACUSA due to her years of experience at the Swedish Ministry and her knowledge of how it worked. Tallulah knew Swedish, Spanish and French to make her integral to International Magical Co-Operation.

Likes: Dancing. Music. Long walks. Clean bedding. Coffee. Tea. Rock music. Chocolate. Exploring.
Dislikes: Arrogance. Bullies. Sweetcorn. Blood purists.
Strengths: Defensive Dark Arts. Loyalty. Patience. Being a wife and mother.
Weaknesses: Too honest. Heights.
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