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 Adventure Guide! Vol. 1, D&D's 101 Ways to Survive the World!
Dominic Holger
 Posted: Oct 16 2017, 03:28 AM

Age / 15 | Height / 5' 10"

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Oslo, Norway

Dating / Bling Girl

Post Count/ 113

Kitsune |

Date: May 23rd 20XX

We’d been following our dad around the beautiful city of Venice for three days. THREE FULL DAYS. All we’ve seen was the same,(if amazing) building dad was working from, the same streets we’ve walked every day to get there and back to the hotel. The only people we got introduced to, was the ugly looking guys meant to be our ‘escorts’ in this country, a crabby secretary (to much coffee is our guess) and some weird guy whom kept double taking at Ian and I. Pfft. They were there for dad, not us. But our chance came when dad actually had time and we went out to a nice little café for lunch; he got distracted, we split up and BOOM! Got away from him and his little cronies!

Venice; the real Venice was awesome!! It was large and busy! Noisy and stinky! Of course we got used to it after few days but still all that rot and waterways. The gondolas were cool too and those guys that just stay on them like all day; we had a good laugh every time we saw more than one heading down the way. Racing had to be a thing there right? Oh imagine racing brooms through those...

Even if this was all Damian’s idea, the history was worth the risk of dad catching us later on. Every site we saw, listened to the people smugly relay their people’s long, rich history and wandered along the waterways for a while too. The smell was worse there but the details and signatures we recognized only made it more exciting! Damian swears the place has to be kept afloat with magic cause that amount of heavy stone on water. No wonder the place was sinking. Ha!

But that’s when we heard it! About to leave for the central city we heard a splash from a bridge. Running over we expected to see someone or thing in the water. Fall in? Drop? Something. But we didn’t. Nothing but still water. So plain. Then we heard it again just up the way a bit, I got awkwardly round a few edges to get a closer look; Damian trying to call me back but that’s when I caught sight of it! A Hippocampus!!! A real live one in the water streets of Venice!! I shouted at Damian to hurry up as I gave chase to it. That thing was beyond fast in water, plus the murky colouring made it harder to spot but we kept up with it. Just.

It was skirting round all the boats and just out of sight of the citizens. How could they miss this?!! It was right there! But guess muggles just don’t pay attention. We shoved past a lot of people. Not happy to admit it but after getting several rounds of ‘choice’ words as dad would put it, we made effort to stop drawing attention to ourselves the further we got through the city. It got harder to keep in sight so Damian started jumping walls and ledges; couldn’t lose him either so I followed. That one big jump was great, nearly fell in but it was still great!! Sadly it was all for nothing, we got caught in a dead end on the south side of the city. (We didn’t know it at the time but that’s where we ended up). The creature got away.

It only got better from there though; we were totally lost! We were running nonstop for so long, every way that we couldn’t find our way back; we ended up wandering to what we hoped was the city centre. Lucky for us it was and our dad managed to catch us. Literally. Merlin he was angry. Absolutely pissed off. Best adventure yet!!

Dominic Holger

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