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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 Vacation/Away messages!, Gonna be gone for a while? Let us know!
Liam Ammon
 Posted: Mar 25 2017, 02:32 AM

Age / 25

Blood Type / Muggleborn

Hometown / Merlin, OR

Married / Aria Ammon

Author Alias / Kelli

Timezone/ PST

Post Count/ 120

Hey folks! Just figured I'd pop this up so we have a place to post to let everyone know if/when you're going to be gone for extended periods of time. This way people who have posts with you aren't left hanging, wondering what's going on or why you haven't replied. Obviously this isn't mandatory, but it's common courtesy, you know?

Just let us know when you're leaving, how long you plant to be gone, if you have lessons due, and which characters you have (in case people don't know who all you write.) K Thanks!!

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Amelia Flynn
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 10:21 PM
Amelia Flynn

Age /

Blood Type /

Hometown /


Author Alias /


Post Count/ 0

it hurts my heart to say this but i can no longer find the time or energy to continue to RP. I cant stand the thought that i keep up and disappearing and leaving everyone hanging all the time. I love every one of yall. It has been a pure delight in seeing all characters grow. I wish i could say that this was for the time being, but alas its not. So with that there let me tell you what has happened to my characters in the mean time.

Erin Chevalier
should be opened up for adoption.

Amelia Flynn
Has decided to go home to be with her father. Someone needs to take care of him, and its clear her brothers are more interested in their lives than helping their father. She has relinquished the store, and hopes who ever takes it over will love the books as much as she has. As for Amelia and Sata (the only real interaction she had with adults) Amelia still likes Sata and well she never admits it, but she liked it when he called her Sweetheart after a while, she just couldn't stay upset with that, but much preferred peaches. She has also told everyone in her home town about Sata because well that and books is all she could really share. She really enjoyed going to the diner with him, even if it was just as friends. She hopes that him and Bella all the best!

Nova Taylor
She kind of fell off the face of the planet i know. When Nova got her heart broken completely by a boy who just used her to make someone else jealous, she really loved him. Anyways after that fiasco she begged her parents to send her anywhere else but back to Ilvermorny. She couldn't handle being in the same school all the time with him. They finally gave in and sent her to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

I'm sorry that this puts a damper on all the thread that Erin and Amelia were in. This hurts a whole lot, because ya'll are amazing people and i wish that i had more time to do everything i want to do. If you guys need anything please feel free to email me at pacountrygirl09@gmail.com

With Love
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 08:02 AM


Age / 52

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Albuquerque, NM

Married / Jeff Jareau (NPC)

Author Alias / Sarah/Kiva

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 91

Hey Everyone!

Claire's author reached out to apologize for her MIA status. Her life is busy currently and she doesn't see it slowing down for at least another month. If you have plots with her, they will have to be on hold for the time being.

Thanks everyone!

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Vittoria Errico
 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 02:55 PM

Vitt, Tori

Age / 17

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Milan, Italy

Single / Nobody

Author Alias / Sherryl | Sherr

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 38

Hey, guys.

Yes, I am back with another away message. This is my second one in the last day and a half or two days, so I'm really sorry if this annoys the admins in any way or just anyone in particular. Earlier this afternoon, I was on Chatzy and just hung out with those in the room. During that time, though, I felt as if my return was too soon because of me not really being myself just yet. I wasn't really talking to anyone much, and I'm sorry to those that haven't seen me talk in the room quite a lot. I've probably sent about 9 or 10 IMs while being in the room for the time I was in there, which I guess is a lot, but not by much. For those that weren't in the chat room while I was updating some people, I am slowly getting there. As of today, March 12th, 2018, I will be taking some time off again... I still kind of feel blah from over the weekend after a personal event took place. I shall return Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I deeply apologize to those who were excited or thrilled to see me come back that weren't in the room. Besides the one reply I owe, I will try my best to do any replies being sent my way, if any, over the next few days. If anything, feel free to send me a PM.

- Sherryl (Vittoria Errico/Alani Vargas/Brendan Cooley)


Charlie Antonin, Kurt Reagan/Anton Novoselić, Ariel Blackburn/Lydia Chambers, Layla Dawson, Ayla Tremaine/Liam Ammon, Robyn Lawson, Imogen Morrison, Sofia Moon/Olyvia Okoye-Jara, Briar Rose Scribe, Caleb Durant/Sebastian Holtzer/Craig Meyers, Agda Gardie, Cian Chevalier, Reko Vitellius, Lily Lovell, Walter Willow

(Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone. These are the people I could think of that would come on to Chatzy. Please spread the word if I forgot to put someone's name above.)

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