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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 Briar Rose Scribe
Briar Rose Scribe
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 10:38 PM


Age / 23

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Greylock

Single / Vodka

Author Alias / The Foxy One

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 66

Briar Rose Scribe

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Name: Briar Rose Scribe
Age: 23
Birthday: May 3rd
Birthplace: Greylock, MA

Wand: Silver Lime, White River Monster spine core, 21"
Originally owned by his grandmother, Matilda Scribe, it was intended for his father, Peter, but the wand would not take him. A young Briar found the wand in the attic, Peter held onto the wand for his dear mother, and the wand accepted him. Thus Briar arrived at Ilvermorny with a wand (and was always sad that he had to leave it behind in the summer).

The wand itself is arrow straight and unadorned, showing off the wood's natural elegance. There is no handle, the wand is all one piece and the wood is firm.

Personality: Briar Rose is a very affable fellow who is sensitive to others needs and feelings and quick to befriend and lend a shoulder or ear. He cares deeply and loves with a strong passion, and as such lives with gusto, making every day count. When it comes to sharing his own feelings he does so openly, perhaps too openly at times but always with good intent. Briar believes that conflict should be settled right away to prevent escalation. Harmony amongst one’s fellow man is important to him, especially harmony between man and nature (you could blame his mother for instilling this strong trait in him).

But sometimes his care can come off as too narrow, often trying to focus more on the person’s immediate problems and needs than the larger picture at play. He’ll lose focus of others around him and make missteps. And for as much as he cares, he is equally stubborn and hard-headed. If he thinks you need to rest and recover he won’t settle until you do just that. Care that he never applies to himself. And should a conflict escalate beyond his comfort level he’ll bow out, seeking to avoid it rather than help. He’ll also rarely take any criticism to heart. He’ll nod and smile when given it, but will stubbornly stick to his ways until he is forced to accept change.

But what really drives Briar Rose is his all consuming desire to learn. He wants to learn new things, he wants to be always seeking new knowledge. The world is fascinating to him and he wants to know as much as possible. Though, he’ll only stay with something to be good or proficient at, but rarely master. At a certain point his skill at something will level and it is then that he’ll move on to the next thing.

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Peter Scribe met Margaret Fizler at a quiet library on a stormy day. He was fresh from wizardry school and at loss of what to do in his life. The No-Maj world was fascinating to him, having grown up separate from it, and felt that a break from the magical world of his childhood would give him the rest and inspiration he sought. What he found was gentle Margaret who answered all his weird questions with patience and good humor. Peter asked about her childhood and Margaret lit up and dashed off. She returned several minutes later with arms full of fairy tale books.

Margaret Fitzler adored fairy tales. They were her childhood, and inspiration as an adult. She believed in wondrous magic, of fanciful creatures and the miracle of love. That day they bonded over those old stories and if you asked Margaret she would say that they fell in love that day. Peter simply took longer to realize it.

A year later they married and Margaret took to the magical world like a fish to water. It never bothered her that she couldn’t use magic (for she was such a dreamer who believed in the magic of the heart and the power of love). Her warm attitude and fascination with the magical world was welcomed by Peter’s family. For their honeymoon they visited historical sites of the magical community and stayed in Greylock village. Margaret wished they could live in that village one day.

After much consideration, and with some help from his new wife, Peter became a writer of No-Mag history. No-Maj technology was quite interesting to him and he liked to compare the development of technology to the development of the magical fields and spells. Anthropology work suited him and on the side he dabbled with potions. Margaret was an author by trade and got her dream answered when Peter bought them a house in Greylock village.

Peter and Margaret Scribe together had a child, a boy that Margaret insisted upon giving a fairy tale name to. Thus Briar Rose was brought into the world by two loving parents. He spent his time equally between the magical and No-Maj worlds and found both comfortable. Though getting him to not accidentally talk about magical things around his No-Maj family was difficult. Thankfully no one took him seriously and laughed that he was a little Margaret, talking of magic and wizards and mythical creatures.

He attended Ilvermorny and was placed into House Thunderbird. He was a good student who did well in all his classes. He was quite imaginative and full of energy, which got him into trouble. He scored excellent on all his tests, but when he got to the more advanced classes he plateaued. He was talented, yes, but never excelled at anything. This didn’t bother Briar, who was more preoccupied with learning the next new thing. It wasn’t until his 7th year that he realized his jack of all trades skills gave him no indication of what he was going to do after school, nor made any kind of specialized work available to him.

So he bummed around for a bit, helping out here and there around town and even doing the odd, small job for the school now and then. Years passed and Briar grew more concerned and anxious of his future. He felt lost and adrift, and fell into a depression. It wasn’t until an old school friend said that he could be a substitute. After all, he did great in all the classes, he could fill in for any subject. The idea struck a chord with Briar. It turned out to be a great fit for him, and when he wasn’t subbing at the school he could continue to do work around town which he liked.

At school events Briar can always be seen cheering for his home team. Go Thunderbirds, go!

Additional Information:
Briar, like his father and others from his father’s family, have a knack for wandless magic. Considering the sometimes unwieldy size of his wand, Briar will use wandless magic for many things or when in a hurry (because his wand will not hurry, thank you very much).
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