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 Reviewing Rules
Chloe Chevalier
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 11:54 AM

Age / 16 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, VT via Ireland

Single /

Post Count/ 296

Redshirt |

In typical fashion, I'll post up things as I see it here. I'm so sorry. I was torn on whether to post this under the bugs subforum or this one, but decided the changes I recommend might be better suited to this since it's only recommended improvements and isn't strictly a bug!

Reading through the rules and it's well organized! However:

1. "Our leadership team is comprised of 3 admins and 5 moderators. When an admin isn’t available, our moderators can answer any questions you might have. They also have various roles throughout the site, including monitoring posts for content and word count, moderating chat, and making sure rules are being adhered to. They also run our random plot generator, word of the week, open thread forum, and OTM awards. They work alongside the admins to ensure that things are updated and running smoothly at all times. Plus they are just overall awesome people." Could we get links/names for these folks for easier access? Or a link to the thread that lists these folks?

2. "Greylock After Dark" Could we also get a direct link so there's no confusion which sub-forum is our 18+ area? I know that seems silly, but to anyone reading the rules, it could help!

3. "After this initial requirement has been met, characters have to be posted at least five additional times in the month leading up to your application." I'm so glad you guys put in the example following this!

4. "Characters with special abilities will not be allowed as your first or second character. We need to make sure that you’re willing to commit to the site before doling out special characters and want to ensure that they will be written well. Additional information on special characters and abilities can be found HERE.." You have two periods here. One should be removed.As Chloe Chevalier, I do not have access to the link embedded in this section.

5. I'm going to hazard a guess that all links are broken on this thread as of right now! At least for my log in. I'll post an additional note when I look at it as a guest. ^^ Consequently, tinypic and Imgur work. xD

6. "All images must be hosted using an image hosting site such as tinypic or Imgur and not hotlinked.
Please keep images within the site rating of PG-13." These two points are not separated by a space like the others.

7. Some of the spacing in this post seems arbitrary between sections.

8. I'd recommend a table of contents with links to each section (i.e. CONTENT AND SITE RATINGS, GRAPHICS, EXPECTATIONS) as individual posts. This will help format the rules so they are easier to read and comprehend.

9. "This image shows up in the top left hand corner of the home screen and shows next to your PMs and Tag alerts from you." I'm not sure how I feel about the arbitrary capitalization of "tag," but that's NOT a big deal.

10. "Since this is a wizarding site and wizarding portraits move, we will allow slow moving gifs as part of signatures. We request that any gif used is not too distracting. Flashing or blinking gifs not only make it hard to focus, but can also dangerous to those with epilepsy and we want to respect any visitor or author who might come to this site." Cutter - can you talk to Moira to see how difficult it would be to deactivate moving signatures unless clicked on? Just a thought since they can be distracting. Of course, the easier alternative is that folks just repress the signatures in threads where they don't want to view them.

11. "These behaviors will result in a pm from staff or moderator asking for your post to be edited." PM is not capitalized here. Just looking for consistency in the capitalization thing whether you guys prefer it cap'd or not!

12. "If you do have the other author’s consent to write actions for their characters, please make an OOC note at the bottom of your post to prevent any confusion." To be on the safe side, I'd say additionally the authors should be tagged in the post. This would add to the veracity of their permission.

13. "Please note that if you are taking written word from someone else's post, ooc notes, and tags are not counted towards your total. Your 200 words are only what you created yourself. There’s a handy-dandy word counter on the left side of your reply box, under the Clickable Smilies.
Make sure your threads had the appropriate tag in the subtitles, and be respectful of other peoples tags. Tagging a character in the subtitle denotes that the thread is for that character. If you were NOT tagged in a thread, but wish to join it, it is common courtesy to ask before posting. Open in the tagline means anyone may join, and Closed means that no replies other than those from tagged parties are admitted to post." Another spacing issue!

14. "Open in the tagline means anyone may join, and Closed means that no replies other than those from tagged parties are admitted to post." I recommend this part be reworded to:

"Open" in the tagline means that anyone may join. "Closed" means that no other replies other than those tagged are admitted to post. Though a thread may remain listed as "open," it is no trouble to ask the posters how you character may join or if, after several posts between other characters, if others are still welcome to join.

15. "Sport, classes, and special events, all have their own special rules, which you can find by following the provided links." There are no links!

16. "First and Foremost, OOC author should never ever step out of line with another author. If we find that you have bullied, been inappropriate, or in any way disrespectful to another author, you will be banned. Alternatively, do not use your characters to retaliate for issues you have with other authors OOC. This is considered ‘bleeding’, and isn’t cool. If you can’t keep things separate and free of OOC drama, don’t write with that author, or mention their characters. If you find that this is happening to you, please feel free to reach out to an admin, per the expectations section listed above." I have thoughts about this and am willing to discuss it privately with an admin. Just reach out to me through Discord!

17. "For any plots you wish to do, please keep them reasonable for the time being. We have a thread that you can suggest plots for found here, but we ask that site-wide plots be handled by leadership only." I think the link is missing here!

18. "In the future, there is a chance that we may do one of these plots, but they will be Leadership run." Another capitalization thing!

19. "With that said, to help us maintain our character lists and to help your fellow authors, we are going to be instating activity checks every three months." I would bold the activity checks timeline! This is really good info that ought to stick out~.
Layla Dawson
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 03:50 PM


Age / 17 | Height / 5'6

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Upper East Side, New York

Taken / Sebastian Holtzer

Post Count/ 48

Clary | She/Her

I've fixed most of what you suggested, the only things that were mentioned that I did not include were the table of contents and the leadership area/link you suggested.

Those things will be added just will take a bit of time.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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