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 Are we bored yet?, OPEN RP//all years. site plot reference
Imogen Morrison
 Posted: Mar 19 2018, 12:51 PM

Immy. Mimi

Age / 16 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Carmel

Single / And on the prowl

Post Count/ 23

Shellers | she/her

Sweden, England not even the East coast of Scotland when the family went up there on the rare occasion had fog like this. It towered and engulfed everything in it's path which had meant that any and all outdoor activities were cancelled. For the past few days before curfew, Imogen would do laps of the Great Hall.
Sure she got strange looks from any House Elves and lingering students but she had to make do with the fact she was stuck indoors. This evening was different. The cabin fever had set in and after pacing around her common room in a restless fashion, she decided to do something about it.

Imogen set out on a hunt with some willing House Elves for any remaining mattresses. Her mum had told her stories of being at Durmstrang and mattress surfing was one of them. Apparently it was a fun way to pass the time so what difference was it to do it here.
After a thirty minute search, she was fruitful and along with her kind and willing helpers, Imogen got the mattresses to the top of a staircase. There was only ten but folk could double up if they wanted too.

With everything sorted Imogen stood at the top of the stairs with a mattress resting next to her bare feet. Now actual surfing on waves and water she could do but on a stone staircase could prove interesting. This was something to write to her parents and Matteo about.


Elsie Caldwell
 Posted: Mar 19 2018, 04:08 PM

Not Eleanor

Age / 15 | Height / 5'2"

Pronouns / she/her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Seattle

Single / and heartbroken

Post Count/ 98

Grace | she/her

Elsie never would have thought that weather could make her so miserable. The high winds the previous month had been a lot to deal with for flying. However, when the fog rolled in, so thick you could hardly see, Quidditch had become impossible. So impossible that the games were canceled for the foreseeing — or not so foreseeable — future. It was awful. Far from helping her studies, it hindered them. Instead of giving her more time for studying, it just made her more distractible. Elsie was used to burning off her access energy with practice, but now she couldn’t even go running on the grounds without fear that she was going to fall off a cliff and die.

It was shaping up to be a pretty terrible year, what with the canceling of Quidditch and then other drama, and it was only a few months into the year. Elsie didn’t give the strange fog all that much thought in terms of where it was coming from, figuring it was just a weird weather event. She just wanted it to go away and for things to go back to the way they were. She had only just taken on captaincy duties and now she was stuck with no Quidditch at all.

After yet another evening in the Wampus common room, Elsie decided she at least needed a walk around the castle. She had been sitting at one of the tables trying to get work done and was not getting anywhere. Hopefully getting her blood flowing would help get her brain on track. So Elsie set out, leaving her books in the common room. Would it be weird to just run stairs? There weren’t that many people wandering around at that hour.

It wasn’t long before she came across an intriguing sight. One of her housemates, Imogen, stood at the top of a set of stairs with what looked like mattresses. Elsie paused, gazing up at her curiously. “Hey, Imogen!” she called, jogging up the steps. “What are you up to?” Elsie didn’t want to assume, but it certainly looked like Imogen was preparing to mattress surf down the stairs. The daredevil in Elsie was definitely itching to take a go.

Imogen Morrison
Kiernan Chevalier
 Posted: Mar 20 2018, 01:53 AM


Age / 16 | Height / 6'2

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Ireland

Dating Gorgeous Veronica Willow /

Post Count/ 213

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Kiernan was laying on his bed in the dorms, bored out of his brain cells. Ever since that crazy ass fog rolled into the school and town, covering everything in a fog thicker than any the Irish teen had ever seen before, Kiernan was grasping at straws as to what to do for entertainment. Since all outdoor activities had been cancelled and the trips to town had been postponed until further notice, the 16 yr old boy had no idea what to do with himself. He could work on homework, but he really wasn’t in the mood to concentrate on homework. Besides, it was for Professor Crackpot’s class anyways so it’s not like he was going to do any good on it anyways. He stunk badly at potions class. He soo should drop that class, but it was a little too late to at this point. After laying on his bed for another few minutes, staring at the ceiling, Kiernan dragged his butt up off the bed and decided to wander around the school for a while. He needed to so SOMETHING or he was going to go nutters.

Throwing on a pair of sneakers and his beanie over his bedhead of hair, Kiernan went roaming around the school for something to do. He would have invited Teddy, but his roommate appeared to be absent from their dorm room. He left a note on Teddy’s bed, asking him to maybe join him in the Grand Hall for dinner later, but other than that he wasn’t sure what else to do. Kiernan headed out of the Wampus dorms and headed for the main hall of the school. As he was passing another staircase, Kiernan caught sight of Elsie and Imogen at the top of the staircase. Tilting his head at the two girls curiously, Kiernan walked up to the top stairs to see what they were up to. Kiernan was a little confused as to why there were a bunch of mattresses behind Imogen. “Whas the matter Imogen? Ferget which bed was yers?” Kiernan lightly teased his housemate. “No seriously though...whas with the mattresses in the hallway?” he asked her, shooting a questioning look towards Elsie before looking back at Imogen for an answer.

Imogen Morrison
Elsie Caldwell

Mention: Theodore Spellman

user posted image
Danni Rowan
 Posted: Mar 20 2018, 01:10 PM


Age / 16 | Height / 5 ft 7

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / New York

Single / as a Pringle

Post Count/ 42

Lisa | She/Her

Danni hated being trapped inside with nothing to do, because of the damned fog. It felt like she was going to go stir-crazy. Despite not actually being the best with animals, Danni usually spent her autumn evenings watching them, scurrying around and busying themselves with their tasks before many of them went into hibernation. The fog was a lot thicker than she had ever seen before, it looked nothing like what came off the Dublin and Whicklow mountains. Everything was frustrating and annoying, Danni just didn't like being penned in like a chicken. The most entertainment she had in days, was pretending to read classics in the Library and trying and failing to make dream catchers.

Danni decided to get out of her own head and went for a walk around the school, if she studied anymore, then she would likely go stir-crazy from boredom. Maybe just wandering about would clear her head a little. "Whatcha up to?!" She called out, as she noticed a group of three students gathered together among a pile of mattresses. Maybe her walk was worthwhile after all. "You know stealing beds isn't very nice." She said with a joking laugh, Danni wasn't really surprised by the things that could be found lying around the school.

Imogen Morrison Elsie Caldwell Kiernan Chevalier

user posted image
*Lyrics All or Nothing by We Are The In Crowd
Cyprus Myrios
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 02:58 PM


Age / 11 | Height / 4 foot ten inches

Pronouns / he/him/his

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Gladeville, TN

Eww, cooties. /

Post Count/ 26

Rillewen, Rill | she/her/hers

Cy was walking along, absorbed in his own thoughts. So far the school was amazing. He'd begun making a few friends, although he still felt a little out of place at times. In fact he sometime wasn't sure if he'd fit in, but he was trying. It almost felt like one stage of his life was over, and another was beginning. It seemed like the childhood days were gone, of playing in the fields and forest of the family's ranch in Tennessee, with his two sisters. They'd had so much fun in those days, playing all sorts of games, riding their horses together. There had been fun times with the other kids in Gladeville too, and in a way, Cy felt sad that those times were in the past now. He would see them over the summer, sure, but it actually felt weird being so far away from home.

But then, he knew that eventually he would make some good friends here at this school, or at least he hoped so. There would be other friends to hang out with, play games with, and get into trouble with. Of course, another difference was, his big sister didn't really seem much interested in him anymore. She mostly hung out with her own friends and he guessed he could understand that she wouldn't want her little brother hanging around but it was still weird.

As he came around the corner and saw a group of people ahead, he was drawn out of his own thoughts, and watched curiously. What was going on? He ventured closer. Why did they have mattresses? His memory flashed back to when he and his sisters were little, and they used to pull their mattresses off their beds and build little forts and things with them. He still remembered how they would take one and form an arch in a doorway, and play on and under it, and use the other two to build onto the fort. Those were fun times, though, of course, he knew that he was too big for doing that sort of stuff anymore. A mattress probably wouldn't support the weight of an older kid.
"Hey. What's going on?" He asked the other, older students that were gathered around with mattresses. "What's with all the mattresses?"

Imogen Morrison Elsie Caldwell Kiernan Chevalier Danni Rowan

Mentioned: Wysteria Myrios

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