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 Cooks!, Sebastian's Uncle and Cousin
Sebastian Holtzer
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 01:09 AM


Age / 17 | Height / 5'10"

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Krankfurt, Germany

Dating / Layla Dawson

Post Count/ 182

Cutter | Any

Sebastian's lack of interest in going home for Christmas, sparked his Uncle's concern for the boy's well being. He decided it might be best to move to Greylock, to be closer to his nephew and offer more support. His son was all for it, heading to school there in the following year.

Marcus Cook
Birthday: June 7, 1984 (33 years old)
Status: Pureblood (younger brother to Sebastian's mother)
Relationship status: Widow
Occupation: Writer - has published a number of children's books and is branching out to attempt murder/mystery novels, inspired by his sister's accident.
Playby Suggestion: Anyone with brown hair
Basics: His wife died giving birth to his only child. While it took time to recover, he hasn't attempted to date, trying to remain focused on his son. He's written and published 24 children's books and is half finished the milestone. Once his sister was injured and brought in to the hospital, he was crushed, but decided to focus his worry and pain into attempting to write a murder/mystery. He is kind, funny, and has an active imagination. He was a Thunderbird in school, while his sister was a Wampus.

Jacob Cook
Bithday: Sept 8, 2006 (11 years old)
Status: Pureblood
Playby Suggestion: Anyone with brown hair
Basics: Sweet kid who absolutely adores animals. He has his own little zoo worth of pets, one of nearly everything he ever fell in love with. His father frequently suggested that he should work in a zoo one day. He gave a kitten to Sebastian, as a gift to welcome his cousin to Ilvermorny. Jacob missed the cut off for the school year and will be turning twelve shortly after he begins his first year. He is eager to learn and will likely attempt to sneak a few more animals into the school, than he's allowed to have. He loves to go exploring, eager to climb anything he can get his hands on and happy to make friends with anyone.

Interested? Wanna hash some things out? PM Caleb Durant!

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