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 Educational Background for Careers, Please read if you have a certain career
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 03:45 PM


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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been noticing a bit of a trend when it comes to adult characters and their educational background when it comes to their jobs. Even though this is a fantasy site for Harry Potter, we still try to keep things as close to realistic in terms of character behavior, ability, and background. This means that the educational background of your character should closely mimic real life education because your character still has to have the educational basics whether they are magical or not, they just have different resolutions because of magic. They don’t have to be exact, but we’d like them to be roughly similar.

I will give some examples:


To become a doctor IRL, it takes about 8 years of education and additional 3 years for residency. Doctors with specific specialties such as brain surgeon or Cardio doctor, have even longer requirements for education.


Anatomy and understanding the complexity of the body would require at least 4 to 5 years of education plus the additional 3 years for Residency. Since you start your medical education directly upon entering your Healer Program, it combines the undergraduate program with the medical program so instead of needing 4 years each, you have it in 4 to 5 years (most common would likely be 5 years) and then still require a residency as this is what provides you with the hands on experience of working in the field. You shouldn’t be a full fledged Healer at age 22.


This is similar to RL education. I don’t know how it is in other states, but in NY, if you have a two year degree, you are required to obtain your four year degree within a certain length of time or else your license is suspended. So, in this case, I would say anywhere from 2 years to 4 years to obtain your nursing degree. Obviously, those who have a 4 year would have more educational understanding of the job.


I researched this in depth due to my own character to make sure her excelling and taking a more rapid approach to earning her degree was possible. It is, but it is incredibly difficult because it requires year long courses of 21 to 25 credits each (sometimes more depending on the law you are intending to represent). At most, you need 5.5 years (this is with the credit course above). That would be 3 years of undergraduate school and 2.5 years of law school. Regular course work and law school takes 7 years total.

Brianna is a partner and only earned that title after winning a couple of large disability cases in California and proving her resilience for every case she has assisted with since being hired and agreeing to move to MA to begin a second firm (another partner with senior experience also moved with her). I have from personal experience someone in my life who is a partner at her law firm and became one at the age of 27. She explained that it is rare for anyone under the age of 30 to become a partner in a law firm. This is because the first couple of years out of school (depending on where you get hired), you are very rarely taking cases yourself. Most of the time, you are basically just a research assistant. Occasionally, if the more senior associates do not wish to take on a case and they feel little risk, they will allow new lawyers to have cracks at them. This is especially true in large, more well known law firms.

Brianna is obviously a rarity, but I have written her experiences and dedication to her work into her background very carefully. Lawyers require a lot of time and dedication to their jobs in order to even obtain first chair cases. On top of that, they have to have additional time and energy to prove to their senior associates and partners that they can handle larger cases and be first chair. If you plan a lawyer as a character, I will not accept anyone who hasn’t shown the amount of research behind the level of associate they are.


The background to an Arbitrator is similar enough to a lawyer except that they do require some additional education and licensing. For instance, an Arbitrator must have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in conflict resolution or alternative dispute resolution, and most states do require a law degree. On top of that, there is a required coursework to obtain the license to become an Arbitrator. The education years for this would be between 6 (without the law degree) and 9 years (with the law degree).

Financial Advisor/Accountant:

The type of advisor/accountant will obviously make a difference in educational level but its roughly between 2 to 4 years, 4 having the proper licenses.

Law enforcement officer/Auror:

Like police officers, at least a 2 year degree in criminal justice is required plus additional academy training prior to earning your badge.

Aurors are required to enter into the Auror program. There is no info that i can find regarding length of the program but as,it is more difficult and complex than just a law enforcement officer, I would say at least 4 years are required plus additional on the job training.


To become a veterinarian, it takes about 7 years, 4 years for undergrad and 3 years for Veterinary school. Much like that with Doctors/Healers, the educational background should be similar. For magical purposes, 5 to 7 would seem ideal.


Herbology is the equivalent to botany and if you go the traditional route of schooling, it’s a 4 year degree in herbology/botany, plant science, or general science. A person has to learn the genetics of plants, their anatomy, and their taxonomy to really be able to have any sort of understanding. Additional schooling to have a PH.D. is usually recommended. Years at school between 4 and 7 years.


Like any school, requirements to become a teacher is a four years education degree or several years of experience working the field that you plan to teach (aka, being a Auror for several years before teaching DADA).

**please note that Substitute teachers do not require the same background**


The Magical worlds works with a lot of apprenticeships (Potions Masters being one of them, wand maker being another). The amount of years apprenticing would vary between the career, so I won’t place a timeframe for this, however, 1 year of apprenticeship no matter the area of degree does not seem adequate, so please keep that in mind.

We aren’t trying to prevent anyone from having a type of job, we are simply asking that you keep the education and background to that as realistic as possible. It wouldn’t make sense to have a bunch of 18 year olds running around as full fledged Aurors. If you have any questions regarding any job not listed or concerns over those that are, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to accommodate or answer you.

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