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 Squirrel Rocket to The Moon, //open
Harley Sato
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 07:58 PM


Age / 24 | Height / 5 ft 6

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Unknown

Hometown / Braes, Isle of Skye

Complicated /

Post Count/ 21

Lisa | She/Her

Harley sat in the rocking chair next to the window, she held onto Luke's little frame as played sleepily on the window seat. He had found a new love of playing with Symbol stones, which Harley had enlarged enough to prevent him from trying to eat them, although that was now the least of her worries, she had left the window open a small bit to let in some fresh air and Mr. Smarty-pants had figured out a way to get them out the window in toy cars. Harley was able to reach out the window and point her wand at the car, which lay on the ground on its side, she supposed that was one advantage of living in a ground floor apartment. She was not looking forward to searching for the stones once Luke had finally fallen asleep, even though it would let her stretch her paws a bit.

"What are you doing? Don't you realise how careful you have to be with the whole Seer thing going on?" Robyn probably looked weird to passers-by, but he was completely sane. He'd arrived home to a clean t-shirt, since his last one had been a victim of an ink canon. The squirrel in front of him seemed roll it's eyes at him. "You'll be hightailing your squirrel arse to the moon if that thing gets passed." He turned away from the scene in the grass for a second, he weirdly always felt like he was invading Harley's space whenever he watched her turn back to human. "You're not telling me anything I don't know, besides I'm looking for something." This time Robyn rolled his eyes and shrugged off his jacket. "Ok, what are you looking for?" He said with a sigh.

Harley kind of found it funny that Robyn was now crawling around in the grass with her, it was kind of humbling and if it made him look a little mad, then she was happy with her little ploy. She felt kind of annoyed about the comment about her having to run away, being an Animagus meant freedom to her, she didn't want to be followed everywhere she went. "Are you crying?" Robyn asked looking up, as she wiped her front paw across her face. In answer to his question, she ran forward and avoided all of his comments.

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