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 We’re here and now, but will we ever be again?, Closed.
Bridget Lavale
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 11:35 AM

Age / 17 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / France

Taken / Logan Beaumont IV

Post Count/ 122


OOC: Occurs during All that Shimmers in this World is Sure to Fade

Warning: Sensitive Topics

’Did you really think that I wouldn’t find out?’ The smashing mirror. ‘You will fix this. I will not be made a fool out of.’ The belt.

Bridget huddled on her bed. Her hands clutching her head. The emotions felt were everywhere. Fear. Isolation. Loneliness. Pain. Worthlessness. She had felt these emotions before. It couldn’t be happening again. The images kept coming as the tears ran down her face.

The smile was left frozen on his.

No, no, no! Panic seized within her. Katie. She had to find her sister. Using her hands to wipe her face, Bridget took a deep breath to compose herself. Where would Katie even be? She had to find out how involved she really was with Chase before it left her devastated.

Students doing activities like three-legged races and rock wall climbing. It should have been fun, but a different feeling took precedence. It screamed over the others. The lake. Poison. Chase being stopped.

Time was of the essence, but Bridget had no idea what it all meant or what she should do. The images were coming quickly and she was having a hard time making sense of them. Gripping the edge of the bed, Bridget used the techniques taught to her by Briar. Taking a deep breath, she worked on reaching a calm. Trying again, she whispered, “I know what happens.”

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