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 Agnes (Aggie) Duvall, The not so recently deceased Aggie D.
Agnes Duvall
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 04:34 AM


Age / 75 (at time of demise) | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Boston, Massachusetts


Post Count/ 17

Candie |

Agnes Marie Duvall
March 3rd
Boston, Massachusetts
Former Halfblood
Daly, Tyne -- Duvall, Agnes
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Agnes is a lovely older woman who's hair began turning gray about 10 years before she died. Now it looked slightly silver in the right lighting. Laugh lines around her eyes and mouth give Agnes a very approachable appearance. Her once vibrant green eyes that were filled with mirth and intelligence now appeared more pale green-ish gray thanks to death. Since she was wearing her teacher's robes and had her hair smartly pinned up on the back of her head at the time of her demise, Agnes can still be seen roaming around the school in her matronly teacher's outfit.

PERSONALITY: A kindly soul, Agnes could be stern when she needed to be, but she had a tendency to be extremely grandmotherly towards her students. She would council them with life problems or school matters and comforted them to the best of her abilities. An intelligent and well-read woman, Aggie could could always be seen carrying around a book of some kind in her hands. She could be counted on to give suggestions on excellent reading material when asked for ideas. Being somewhat argumentative, Aggie loved engaging in friendly debates with her students and co-workers. Despite being deceased, Aggie can still be seen debating and joking with the students around the school. While Aggie appreciates humor and is a rather funny woman, she doesn't approve of “toliet humor” or “potty language” and can be seen reprimanding students who she hears using “inappropriate” language.



BRIEF HISTORY: Agnes was born and raised in Massachusetts to a wizard father and a muggle mother. Her childhood was a pretty typical one since they weren't allowed to perform magic around the other muggles they lived around. Growing up with 5 siblings, Agnes never had to worry about ever really being alone since there was always someone around. Having 3 brothers and 2 sisters made for a pretty hectic household growing up for Agnes and her siblings’ poor parents. Being the youngest of the girls, Agnes always got the hand-me-downs from her sisters which she didn't mind. What she couldn't wear, Agnes used to make something new having learned to sew by her mother.

Out of 6 kids, 4 of the Duvall children wound up going to magic school. One of her sisters and 1 brother wound up being Squibs while the others, (Agnes included), ended up being taught how to cast magic like their father. Aggie was ecstatic when her letter of acceptance came when she was 11, despite being terrified of leaving home. Aggie found that she loved magic school and excelled in her classes. There wasn't a subject Aggie didn't like. By the time Aggie finished magic school, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Agnes wanted to be a teacher!

Agnes attended community college on a scholarship she earned for good grades and got her teaching degree. She applied for a job at the same school she attended for magic and got a position as a substitute teacher to start with. She also took on part-time duties as Librarian as well. Aggie was offered a full time teaching position and stayed at the school as a teacher up until her death. She had been in the middle of teaching her Beginner's Charms lesson when Aggie suffered a massive heart attack and effectively dropped dead in the back of her classroom while her students were practicing their lesson. She had just celebrated her 75th birthday the week before she died.

Candie, 29*, EST, She/Her/Hers

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