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 I TOAD-ly bombed this exam, Kiernan's TOADS
Kiernan Chevalier
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 03:09 AM


Age / 17 | Height / 6'2

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Ireland

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Candie | She/Her/Hers

Kiernan had spent numerous hours between the library and his dorm room studying for his TOADS. He had tried to study for his exams in between seeing Kyara and practice for Quidditch. Despite his best efforts to study, Kiernan still couldn’t remember half of what he had read in the textbooks. His practical spell skills were passable, but it was his written exams that he was the most worried about. Since he was having trouble retaining any of the information, Kiernan worried that he was going to bomb the written exams. He fell asleep the night before the exams going over his Potions book, the Potions book lying open on the floor beside his bed where he dropped it.

Kiernan woke up slowly the morning of the exams, the morning sunlight hitting him in the face. Kiernan scrunched up his face as he woke up, looking around the room. Kiernan caught the time on the clock he kept by his bed on the table and groaned aloud. He had about 30 minutes to get his butt out of bed and get ready before he was late for the exams. Kiernan threw back the blankets and headed for the bathroom. He proceeded to take the quickest shower of his life and got dressed in record time. Kiernan had about 10 minutes to get to the Grand Hall and he was not happy about it.

Kiernan made it to the Grand Hall doors and had a seat outside, waiting for his name to be called. Kiernan couldn’t stop his knees from bouncing as he waited. It was nerve wracking!! Finally someone stuck their head out and called for him after almost 2 hours of waiting, along with 3 other people. Kiernan had no idea what to expect from the examiner, let along what he or she would look like. Kiernan merely waited in silence for his exam to begin. A few minutes later his instructor appeared. Kiernan was surprised to see that his instructor wasn’t much older than himself and a little on the curvy side.

“Hi there! I’m Instructor Weinman, its a pleasure to meet you!” Janet told the teen as she approached him, a large smile on her face. She had chosen to wear her hair in a braid that day to keep it out of her face. “You’re Kiernan Chevalier correct?” she asked him pleasantly, looking over the paperwork on the clipboard in front of her. “Aye….tha would be me,” Kiernan told the plump redhead, keeping eye contact with her brown eyes. “Excellent! Let’s get started then shall we?” she asked him cheerfully. Kiernan nodded, waiting for her to tell him what they were doing.

Miss Weinman looked over her exam sheet and chose a few Charm spells at random for him to perform for her. “Alright Mr. Chevalier...Let me see you perform the Summoning Charm, The Water-Making Spell and the Ascendio spell for me,” she instructed him. Kiernan nodded, thinking over the spells she asked for. They seemed simple enough. He had done those ones with little difficulty during the Charms lessons. Kiernan began with the Summoning Charm, taking his stance for the spell. Kiernan raised his wand and cast the charm with little difficulty. Kiernan grinned with satisfaction as he watched the chair he had pointed the spell at slide towards him.

He moved on to the Aquamenti spell, creating a puddle of water on the floor between him and the instructor. Miss Weinman raised a brow at the puddle, but smiled at him anyways. “That’s very good Mr. Chevalier,” she told him. “Do you have a plan to clean it up too?” she asked him. Kiernan scratched the back of his head and grinned sheepishly at her. “Yes ma’am I do,” he told her. Kiernan cast the Drying Charm on the puddle, drying it out. Miss Weinman nodded in approval, gesturing for Kiernan to continue. Kiernan moved on to the Ascendio charm, wondering if he could actually pick himself up off the floor. He had managed to do it once during class, but he wasn’t sure if he could repeat that success during the exams.

Kiernan took a deep breath and let it out slowly before raising his wand again for the final spell she requested. “Ah-sen-di-oh!” Kiernan cast, flicking his wand as he thought he was supposed to. Nothing happened. Grumbling under his breath in Irish, Kiernan tried the spell again, this time a bit more forcefully than before. Kiernan managed to make the spell work, but he hadn’t taken into account the amount of UMPH he put into it and nearly shot himself across the room as opposed to straight up high. He tried to soften his own landing and made it half work so he didn’t hurt himself. After his less than graceful landing, Miss Weinman asked if he was alright, before moving on with his exam. Kiernan couldn’t believe he had bombed that spell soo badly.

Janet had Kiernan perform a total of ten Charms spells, each one varying in skill level. Of the 10 she had asked him to perform, Kiernan had managed to do 8 of them with any level of success. The last two he appeared to have some difficulty with. Janet marked down his progress on her clipboard before releasing him for the day from his practicals. She sent him to eat and relax before instructing him to move on to his written exams for that day. Kiernan did as Miss Weinman instructed, grumbling to himself under his breath as he watched her write down notes from his Charms spells. Kiernan had no choice, but to wait and see what she had to say about his exams. Kiernan came back at the instructed time and sat down for his Herbology written exam.

Kiernan wasn’t the greatest at Herbology, but he wasn’t abysmal at it either. Luckily for him, most of the plants on the written exam were plants he was actually somewhat familiar with. He was fairly certain he had only missed a few questions out of the whole thing. He could be totally wrong though. His Herbology written took him the better part of 2 hours to do. By the time Kiernan was done writing, he was certain his hand was about to fall off from over use. When Kiernan left the exam area that first day, he was tired, starving and annoyed with himself. His next two days went a bit better than the first one had. Thank Merlin for that small favor!

Over the next couple of days, Kiernan completed the Transfiguration spells she asked for (with marginal success). Struggled through the Astronomy charting since he had lost the area that his assigned constellation was in. Miss Weinman was patient about him trying to find it again to finish the mapping. Since Kiernan wasn’t all that thrilled with Astronomy to begin with, he was fairly certain he probably failed that portion of the exam. On the third day of the exams, Miss Weinman had him doing the DADA spells. Kiernan found that he was actually fairly good with the DADA stuff since he was used to practicing dueling with his older siblings back home. It felt good to finish a portion of the exams without feeling like a failure.

“Alright, Kiernan...may I call you Kiernan?” Janet asked the teenaged boy, smiling at him encouragingly. When Kiernan nodded, Janet continued. “We’re on the last portion of the exams….the Potions portion,” she told him, still smiling. “Now...I would like you to make for me a Pepperup Potion,” she told him, showing him the space where he’d be working on the potion for his final leg of the exams. Kiernan groaned to himself, but followed the plump woman anyway. Once at the Potions station, Miss Weinman showed Kiernan where he could find the potion ingredients and gestured for him to go ahead making the potion. “Now don’t worry about making it perfect,” she told him, her smile still plastered on her lips. “Just do your best.” Kiernan grinned back at the woman nervously, taking his spot in front of the cauldron.

Kiernan really wasn’t a fan of Potions class partially because of Professor Crackpot and partially because he really didn’t like working with the potions. Kiernan sighed heavily before biting the bullet as it were and getting started on his potion. He tried making sure the ingredients were prepped before he got the cauldron ready, but he kept forgetting to do little things. He had to start the potion over again at least twice since each time he had forgotten something vital for the potion. His third time making the concoction, Kiernan managed to finish it (he thought), bottling it up for the examiner to look over before she posted his final marks for the exam. Kiernan could only hope he did well enough to move on to the next term.

A day or so later back at home, Kiernan received an owl with a note showing his final exam marks. He was petrified to open it and see how badly he had done. Sucking it up, Kiernan ripped open the envelope and pulled out the parchment. He was actually surprised to see how he had done. He barely remembered taking the CoMC portion, surprising himself with the mark he got for that class.

Transfiguration: A
Herbology: A
Astronomy: P
Potions: P

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