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 Blood Status/Purity, Where do you stand?
 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 11:08 PM

Layls, Cuts, Ayla

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Hey Everyone!

Since there seems to be some confusion regarding the class of Purebloods and Non-Purebloods and what each are willing to accept, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a guide. Every site does these a bit differently, so understanding how Greylock views them would keep everyone consistent with their plots.

Elite Traditional Purebloods

These families believe blood purity is the most important. These are mainly old Pureblood families that have been around for centuries and often marry into the same group of families since it is difficult to find Pureblood families that do not have any cross breeding with Halfbloods and Muggleborns. They have a deep sense of hate towards those who are not Pure or who are different in some way. They are known to disown any member of their family that does not follow their belief and have hidden away Squibs as it shows signs of weakness within their blood.

Example: The Duprees are a long standing Elite Pureblood family. Though some branches have a slightly more liberal take on things (Nicoletta/Chris), they still maintain blood purity within their bloodline. The Tremaines are another long standing Elite Pureblood family who use betrothals with similar standing Purebloods as a way to keep their bloodlines pure.

Elite Liberal Purebloods

These families are of wealth and status equal to the Elite Traditional, but their views on those who are not pure of magical blood vary. They tend to either be indifferent to those who are not Pureblood or have no negativity towards them. Despite these feelings, they still keep themselves from having any sort of romantic interest in those who are not Pureblooded.

Traditional Purebloods

These families have similar views about blood purity as the Elite Traditional but do not have the financial resource to gain Elite status. They are usually at the bottom of the ladder trying to obtain status through the right type of connections and through marriage betrothals. Most never actually make it into the Elite status but do gain some momentum due to marriages.

Example: The Whitneys. They are a poor Pureblood family who never truly gained any status, however, they did make a connection with the Duprees and so part of their branch did gain a great jump in power.

Liberal Purebloods

Liberal Purebloods are those whose main family is of Pureblood but extended branches may be of mixed blood. They are open to the idea of intermixing and have an understanding that this is essential for magic to really blossom. These families can be of high financial status or regular working class.

Some Liberal Purebloods have even accepted werewolves, veelas, and Vampire into the mix as they see these as equal beings.

Example: The Santoros are an old Pureblood family who have branches in Europe, Mexico, and the USA. Their extended families have begun marrying to Muggleborns and Halfbloods as well as other Purebloods. They have status due to their longevity/business but are not considered Elite due to their views and mixing of blood.

The Donovans were considered Elite Purebloods however, when they recently accepted their Grandson who is a known werewolf into the family and as the heir, their status went from being Elite to being Liberal PB. Though they still have financial security thanks to their business, they have lost many of their Elite supporter and connections due to their acceptance.


Mixed blood can be a combination of Liberal PBs and Halfbloods. Their family tree is a mixture of Purebloods, Halfbloods, Muggleborns, Muggles, and/or other various bloods for a few generations so that it’s hard to tell where it may have all began.

Example: The Kings are mixed blood due to their Veela heritage.


Individuals with parents and/or grandparents split between Muggles/No-maj and magical. The magical gene is the dominant gene, so if a child is born from one magical parent but shows no sign of magic is considered a squib rather than a muggle/no-maj. Halfblood does not mean half/half but rather means a wizard/witch with muggle or muggleborn parents or grandparents (per HP wiki).

Halfbloods could be relatively known in both the Magical world and the non-magical world depending on their parents. For instance, in the non-magical world, their parents could be famous actors and thus the children would have wealth and status. Or, their magical parents could be well known politicians thus the children would have wealth and status.

Of course, not everyone can be rich and famous, so keep that in mind as well. It’s okay to have characters from working class families.

Muggleborns/No-Maj Born

Individuals from non-magical families who are born with magical abilities.

Like Halfbloods, Muggleborns/No-Maj Born can have wealth and status in the non-magical world depending on their families. Again, not everyone can be rich and famous though.


Individuals who are from a magical family but show absolutely no signs of magic themselves.

*Please see above on how some Purebloods treat their Squibs*


Individuals that have absolutely no magical background and no history in the family of having any magical background.
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