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Arne Reinhardt
 Posted: Apr 18 2018, 02:11 PM

Metal Charmer To Be

Age / 17 | Height / 6'0" / 1.82m

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Turners Point, WA

Single / On the prowl

Post Count/ 144

"Jane Doe" | She/Her/Hers

Arne didn't really know what it was that had possessed him to climb up the slopes of Mt. Greylock when they were experiencing the absolutely bizarre weather they were, but for whatever reason he had packed himself a couple things (like snacks and his wand, but mostly snacks) and set off to have a quiet afternoon to himself.

The hike itself was peaceful and Arne was pleased that he had decided to do this even though the thick, grey fog made it next to impossible to see anything. He was actually kind of hoping that if he got high enough he'd be able to see through the fog around the entire area--it seemed like it had been so long since he'd seen anything that he'd forgotten what it all looked like.

Using the light from his wand, Arne was able to somewhat navigate himself from the base of the mountain up to where Headmistress Webquish had held pyromancy lessons. That was a particularly high point of his time at Ilvermrony and sometimes he wished he could just back pedal to then, back when things had been simpler. No one was being drugged with love potions, people were happy and friends with each other...

Arne shook his head. There was no point in wishing for things to be as they were. The whole point was that things had changed and that things always would change. That's just how life worked. Anytime he was forced to confront this is just made him angrier and angrier at his brother. Everything had started to go downhill once Tobi left him so logically everything that had gone wrong in the last couple of years could only be Tobi's fault.

Out of anger he hurled the apple he'd been eating out in a random direction which was an incredibly stupid thing to do because what with the fog so thick there was no way for him to know if he was throwing the apple into empty space or a tree or a person or a bear or a werewolf or a bunny. But Arne wasn't really known for his cognitive thinking and besides that, he was sure there was no one as stupid as he was to go out to the top of a mountain with weather as strange as they were having then.

Lucrezia Webquish for the mention

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