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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 I'm not who I used to be, closed(ask to join)// Kurt
Julia López
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 10:31 PM

Jewelz or Juli

Age / 16

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Plaza de López, Colombia

Single /

Author Alias / Poppy

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 12

Julia was beside herself, Olyvia wanted nothing to do with her. She wasn't expecting to become the best of friends with her, but at least they could start back as acquaintances and pretend like Castelobruxo never happened. It was all part of the past anyways...

The Latina wanted to build a new, kinder, better reputation at Ilvermorny. And the only setback would be if she could never gain Olyvia's respect.

While walking back to the Thunderbird Common Room she was having a particularly hard time poking just the right spot to gain entry. "Aye, why does this haf to be so complicated!" She finally got it to open and Julia quickly went to the couch and covered herself with a pillow as she sobbed not noticing if anyone else was there or not. Why did it matter?

After a good five minutes, she wiped her teary eyes to find someone was there. Oh she had seen this boy before, Kurt. He was the same year and good friend of Olyvia... right? Stuffy nose and puffy eyed Julia walked up to him. "Hola Kurt, I'm Julia!" She sighed "I used to go to school with Olyvia in Castelobruxo and I was very mean.... but I am sorry, very sorry!" Julia didn't know if she was being too much for the boy and backed up a bit. "Sorry for overwhelming you with this news... I just want her to know that I am very regretful for my misdeeds to her and I do not think she believes me."

Kurt Reagan

user posted image
Kurt Reagan
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 03:22 PM


Age / 15

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Richmond, Virginia

Single / Wishful Thinking

Author Alias / Pine

Timezone/ EST (GMT -04:00)

Post Count/ 56

Kurt had been curled up in a large chair, gaze shifting between the all-too-familiar fireplace and his book. Though it may appear to be just like any other one of Ilvermorny's grand, cushy thrones, it was almost as wide as a loveseat. If one looked a little closer, they could see the light reflecting off of some embroidered golden threads in a rococo-style pattern. Nevertheless, he not only felt comfortable, but regal. The awkward boy rather liked the promotion: especially after a slightly-embarrassing Welcoming Feast. He had tripped, his voice cracked, and he almost knocked things down. Kurt was wildly clumsy. But for the most part, he was having a splendid evening. He enjoyed spending time with Poppy and the twins over a delicious meal. They proved to be terrific company, and he couldn't think of anyone else he would rather spend his time with other than his friends.

The dark-haired Thunderbird was alert when a girl he didn't recognize entered the room, sobbing on a couch that wasn't too far away from his chair. Could he help her? Should he help her? It probably wasn't his business, after all. He pretended to read some more as he drowned in his indecisiveness. Kurt weighed his options. There was always a chance that she wouldn't notice that he was there. However, if she did, he might look like a bad person for not checking on her or even seeming the slightest bit concerned. He rose to his feet hesitantly. However, just when he got to his feet, the girl had, too. Kurt froze awkwardly. It took every inch of his being to resist plopping back down on the seat, hiding in its cushions. She then walked up to him, red-eyed and all. His hands moved behind his back, squeezing each other in some attempt of self-assurance. Kurt gulped as he managed a crooked smile.

"Hola Kurt, I'm Julia!" Julia? Didn't ring a bell.

"Um, nice to meet you Julia..." he spoke softly. Was he supposed to know her? She knew his name, after all. Kurt didn't expect what would come next.

"I used to go to school with Olyvia in Castelobruxo and I was very mean.... but I am sorry, very sorry!" He took a step back in surprise, his ankles hitting the legs of the chair. Not only was she loud, but she was also apologizing to the wrong person. What did she do? What happened? He rubbed the back of his neck as the girl expressed her guilt. It sounded almost as if she was asking for his help. Kurt tilted his head down at his petite housemate. Why should he help her? She had hurt Olyvia. Surely, Olyvia must have rejected her apology for a reason. Though the girl in front of him seemed genuine. Unless she was a lying snake, then he believed that they should talk it out. Olyvia was a special friend, and it wouldn't be healthy for either of them to relive their past every time they saw each other in the common room.

"O-OK, uh... Let me get this straight. So, you were mean to her in the past, and you tried to apologize, but she didn't accept it... And you want my help?" he said to stall time. Kurt needed to process the information - it was all so shocking to him. Olyvia had never struck him as the type to be bullied. Yet again, his Thunderbird comrades hadn't shared much about their personal lives. Thus, Kurt hadn't either. The raven-haired boy wanted to help, but he didn't know enough. Nor was he confident, either. The idea of him giving advice made him nervous - the Thunderbird wasn't sure if he could do it. But he would try. He asked curiously, "could you please tell me a bit more about what happened? It's OK if you can't talk about it, though."

Bully victims weren't the only ones hurting.

Julia López, Olyvia Okoye-Jara for mentions

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Thanks to Jule-Rae for helping with the profile picture!
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