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 Every Superhero has their own kryptonite, One Shot, Closed
Harper Jareau
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 06:17 PM
Harper Jareau

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Harper had been walking one of the corridors by herself, lost in her own thoughts about what she wanted to do that day when she heard some whispers and giggles around the corner from a group of older students. Normally, this didn’t bother her and she tended to ignore it, but there was something about what they were saying and the excitement in their voices that caught her attention. They spoke of a woman who was tall but attractive who was usually doing magic tricks on the street in Greylock. Harper knew her immediately. There was no other woman like Caitlyn. It appeared that these students seemed to like her too.

But when they continued to talk, Harper’s brows furrowed in confusion and then of absolute shock. Caitlyn was a fraud. She had been using a fake name and had faked her own death. Everything that Harper knew of her had been a lie. And then they made it worse. They whispered excitedly about how Auror Ramsay had taken her down and arrested her for her criminal activities. Her and some guy. Her partner? Her lover? (gross). They were all speculating the possibilities. Some even started to question whether or not Professor O’Reilly was in on it too. Her ‘odd’ behavior was questionable.

Harper tuned out the rest of their conversation and continued walking, though more of in a daze than anything. Caitlyn had saved her. She had gotten her to stop crying. She had gone shopping with her and gave her a flower with her magic. A flower she had kept on her desk in her dorm room. She was supposed to have game night with Auror Ramsay and have fun. She was not supposed to be a bad person. She had seemed so nice…

Tears pricked around the corner of her eyes as she walked, but she quickly wiped them away. She needed to be sure that what they were saying had been true and she had one source for that. Harper walked quickly, a determined look on her face, until she saw the giant man she was looking for. She quickly made her way to him and with large watery eyes, faced him. “Is Caitlyn a criminal?” She had demanded. The Auror had confirmed enough for her to know that Caitlyn had broken laws and was under arrest.

It was devastating.

Her Wonder Woman wasn’t so wonderful. Harper didn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it! Besides, the only way to be a good person and a great friend was to believe in those you care about and support them as best as you can. That’s what her parents said and Harper was going to do just that. Sniffling away her tears and using her hand to wipe her cheeks of what remained, she quickly found Memie and after some begging, Memie agreed to the task that Harper was asking, with some help from Hawk, of course. Harper ripped piece of parchment from her bag and quickly jotted something down before handing to her two friends who would deliver it to wherever she was being held. Their magic was far more ancient and could easily maneuver around most wizard barriers. Harper hoped it worked. With a thanks and a wave, the House Elf and the Pukwudgie disappeared. Feeling better, Harper went off to find some of her friends to play with.

OOC: received permission from Cutter to use him for this post and confirmed the information he would have provided to her.

Calyn Bren
Kyle "Cutter" Ramsay for the mention
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