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 Óskar Elinsson Gardie, Friend of the Deer
Óskar Elinsson Gardie
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 09:45 PM

Age / 11 (10) | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Gardie Coven

No one// In love with the wilderness /

Post Count/ 7

�skar |

Name: Óskar Elinsson Gardie (friend of the deer)
Age: 11 (10)
Birthday: June 24
House/Year: Will arrive as a 2nd year
Patronus (can’t produce one yet): Reindeer
Boggart: Poachers with a shotgun ready to kill him and a defenseless animal
Wand: 10 inch Elm w/ Unicorn Hair Unyielding Flexibility
Amortentia: n/a (but eventually it might be a mixture of Kanelbullar aka Swedish Cinnamon Rolls, Summer Berry Pie, and Lavender.
Sexuality: unknown due to his young age (but thinking he’ll eventually come out as gay or bi)

Appearance: Platinum blonde hair when he was born, and it has gradually darkened since. It is a warm blonde now, but eventually it will darken to dirty blonde. He has dimples for days. Likes to wear casual clothes when doing his volunteer work at the Skydda rådjur! (Protect the Deer!) Sanctuary backnear home and when planting in the family garden. That is when he feels most like himself, although he does acquiesce to dressing up at important family events, gatherings, and social situations.

FC: Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian (Prince Felix of Denmark)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 4’9
Complexion: Fair skin

Personality (provided by Agda Gardie):

“Two years younger than My, Óskar often times feels overlooked. He is the gentlest of his siblings although he does have a nasty temper which can arise when he feels ignored.” Óskar is sweet to a fault. He’s definitely an attention seeker, while he likes to receive positive attention, if he isn’t getting any than he will resort to obsessive nagging and fits to obtain negative attention.

Kind-hearted, protector of the environment and of all its inhabitants.

*Prone to dizziness: When Óskar gets too agitated or excited he usually gets somewhat winded or light-headed from the overstimulation. The dizziness lasts for only 60 seconds max, but it’s a slightly scary experience. It is kept in secret so a certain Gardie doesn't use it to her advantage.


Talent: Herbology, COMC and Playing the Clarinet
Hobbies: Gardening, interested in creating an Environmental Club, Volunteers at the Skydda rådjur! (Protect the Deer) Sanctuary back near Home.
Skills: Offering a helping hand whenever, likes to comfort people when they’re down in the dumps, and good multi-tasker.

Family (provided by Agda Gardie):

Their dad is a fisherman and their mother works in the coven hospital. Their grandmother is Elin, high-witch of water.

Lotta: The eldest of the four sisters. She has a rather mothering nature to her and is the golden child. My is her special project/sister.

Agda: Agda thinks she has the ugliest name of all her sisters. She's on the quieter side and has the appearance of being really sweet but has a rather wild and/or wicked streak. Agda can be rather judgmental and prefers to be neat and clean.

Eira: Eira is anything but merciful. Of the four sisters she is the most likely to turn Dark. She has the appearance of a sweet child but likes to play mind games and enjoys manipulating people.

My: My is the youngest and rowdiest of the four. While her sisters are either docile or appear as such, My has always been the one to knock about or get in trouble. She has issues sitting still and insecurities because she doesn't think she's as pretty as her sisters. Vanity and jealousy are her two biggest faults.

History (provided by Agda Gardie):

The Gardie Coven started shortly after the 1757 events in the parish of Ål in Dalarna, Sweden when witch hysteria broke out and saw several men and women arrested and tortured. The Countess Catherine Charlotte De la Gardie (née Catharina Charlotta Taube) stepped in to provide legal aide to the accused and paid them compensation (since the torture rendered them unable to work) before retreating to her blood relatives and starting a coven against injustice since she herself was a witch.

A descendant of the Countess herself, Óskar Gardie was raised in the Gardie Coven Community. Óskar and his four sisters (Lotta, Agda, Eira, and My) live in the third circle, close to their grandmother the high-witch, Elin, along with their parents. Gardie witches are famous for their inability to allow injustice and the Coven works tirelessly to improve the lives of magical folk and creatures throughout Sweden.

It is Coven tradition to send their children to be educated elsewhere (up until thirteen they are educated in the coven school) in their thirteenth year*. Despite differences with Durmstrang’s philosophies (ie: their reputation for the Dark Arts), the Gardie coven often sends their children to the Scandinavian school in the hopes that they will make the world a better place. However it is up to the parents which wizarding school to send their kids to. Many parents choose schools outside of Scandinavia in order to help their children learn about other countries and cultures.
Óskar and his sisters are ninth generation Gardie descendants.

Óskar will soon be attending Ilvermorny as a second year!

*Gardie coven-witches count the nine months the mother is pregnant as being the first year of the child’s life and thus they are born “one year old.” This means that each Gardie witch and wizard will be a 2nd year transfer student with the odd exception.

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