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An Earthquake briefly hit Greylock in February
Repairs and recoveries are ongoing.

The final game is now live!

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Winter-- Late April--Early May| Highs 65°F/ Lows 45°F
Snow is melting and the weather has returned to seasonal expectations.

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Help Wanted and Non-Ilvermorny Character List

Here is a list of the positions that we have available or are currently filled.
If you have a different idea in mind that is not listed, please reach out to the admins to discuss with us. We are always open to ideas though, so please don't be shy!

Make sure you put on your application what position you would like to fill. If you would like to fill a position but do not have a character in mind,
please have a look at our adoption ad list here for available characters that you might like to write.

At Ilvermorny

Ilvermorny Faculty and Staff
Headmistress CLOSED
Deputy Head Mistress OPEN
Care of Magical Creatures CLOSED
Defense Against the Dark Arts CLOSED
Herbology OPEN
Potions CLOSED
Transfiguration CLOSED
Astronomy CLOSED
Divination OPEN
Non-magical Studies CLOSED
Ancient Runes CLOSED
History of Magic CLOSED
Counselor OPEN
Librarian CLOSED
Groundskeeper OPEN
Quidditch Coach CLOSED
Substitute Professor CLOSED
Substitute Professor OPEN

In Town*
Whale and Pen Co., Bookstore
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Rose's Tinctures N' Tonics
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant Kai Baxter

The Menagerie
Owner Misha Song
Shop Assistant OPEN

Enchanted Essentials Wand Shop
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

The Flower Pot
Owner Chase Watson
Shop Assistant OPEN

Oasis Fashion
Owner Alani Vargas
Shop Assistant OPEN

Clara's Confections
Owner Clara Abernathy
Shop Assistant Saoirse Chevalier

Sports Supply Shop
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Joke of all Trades
Owner Nikon Vitellius
Shop Assistant Mark Pickles

The Blind Badger
Owner OPEN
Manager/Bartender Lucas Grey

Petrific Pizza Shop
Owner Alec Greyson
Manager OPEN
Shop Assistant Sterling Petrov

The Grind
Owner Alexander O'Malley
Barista Kai Baxter
Barista OPEN

The Manky Boot
Owner OPEN
Bartender Lily White
Bouncer Ethan Anderson

The Battered Seas
Owner Caleb Durant
Shop Assistant Vittoria Errico

Owl Post
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Greylock Medical
Chief of Healing OPEN
Healer Louisa Breathnach
Healer Kiera Voronin
Healer OPEN
Healer-in-Training OPEN
Blood Bank Supervisor Alec Greyson

Additional Non Ilvermorny Characters
Character Name Location Occupation
Blackburn, Morgan Greylock, MA Paralegal
Bren, Cayln Greylock, MA Street Performer
Cherrington, Devon Greylock, MA Unknown
Chevalier, Mia East Haven, VT Child
Cooley, Brenden Greylock, MA Unknown
Dempsey, Cameron Greece Unknown
Elinsson, Oskar (Gardie) Sweden child
Fletcher, Ava West Coast Muggle University Student
Heart, Brett Greylock, MA Photographer
Lucan, Caelia Unknown Unknown
Lucan, Emrys Global Magical Archaeologist in Training
Lutero, Robin San Diego, CA Investigator
Miranov, Gabriel Greylock, MA Chef
Moon, Sofia Unknown Unknown
Morrisett, Jule-Rae Unknown Unknown
Novoselić, Anton Unknown Unknown
Peterson, Talia Greylock, MA Journalist
Pye, Barnaby Unknown Unknown
Ramsay, Kyle "Cutter" Greylock, MA Auror
Sato, Harley Greylock, MA Historian
Tremaine, Declan Palo Alto, CA Child

*We will always be accepting shop assistants unless numbers become too obviously uneven in which case we will put up a notice.

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