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Ilvermorny Faculty and Staff
Headmistress Lucrezia Webquish
Deputy Head Mistress OPEN
Care of Magical Creatures Robyn Lawson
Charms Lydia Chambers
Defense Against the Dark Arts Haia Yamaguchi
Herbology OPEN
History of Magic Santiago Cortés-Castilla
Potions Mae O'Reilly
Transfiguration Lyall Blair
Astronomy Artemo Garcia
Divination OPEN
Ancient Runes Craig Meyers
Non-Magical Studies Theodore St-Pierre
Substitute Professor Briar Rose Scribe
Substitute Professor OPEN
Medic Edda Eir
Nurse Shelby Maddox
Counselor OPEN
Librarian Sata
Groundskeeper OPEN
Quidditch Coach Dimitri Porter

House Authorities and Student Council
Student Body Presidents Layla Dawson and Laila Kennedy
6th Year Representatives Veronica Willow and Caleb Rowan
5th Year Representatives Poppy Everheart and Olyvia Okoye-Jara
4th Year Representatives Reko Vitellius and Buffy Stratford
3rd Year Representatives
Wampus Head of House Mae O'Reilly
Thunderbird Head Theodore St-Pierre
Pukwudgie Head of House Craig Meyers
Horned Serpent Head of House Lydia Chambers

Student List
Seventh Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Cian Chevalier Sebastian Holtzer Layla Dawson Chloe Chevalier
Hal Joseph Edwin Murray Laila Kennedy Beatriz da Costa Luna
Bridget Lavale Blaire Vice Hayden McCleary
Arne Reinhardt

Sixth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Hunter Beaumont Silvia Bican Lyra Dupree Kiernan Chevalier
Simon Bican Katie Lavale Cassandra King
Caleb Rowan Julia Lopez Theodore "Teddy" James Spellman
Danni Rowan Walter Willow Imogen Morrison
Jocelyn Spencer Veronica Willow
Zoe Taylor

Fifth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Kellen Mormont Niamh Chevalier Jean DuToit Elsie Caldwell
Isabel Paine Iris Everheart Poppy Everheart Ivan Long
Tanya Rhonimus
Damian Holger
Dominic Holger
Olyvia Okoye-Jara
Kurt Reagan

Fourth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Coda Pearson Sawyer Matheson Claire King Ariel Blackburn
Tanner St-Pierre Buffy Stratford Daniel Park Agda Gardie
Reko Vitellius Kit Reid
Ayla Tremaine

Third Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Loughlin Chevalier Izumi Matsuki Milo Tremaine
Adrianna Dupree
Lily Lovell
Wysteria Myrios

Second Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Eoin Chevalier Thomas Watson Lucy Blackwood Erin Chevalier
Maeve Mackenna Rosemary Moon Eric Dobson
Sacha Novoselić Xavier Willow William Everheart
Sorin Voronin Serenity Vitellius
Sorcha Voronin

First Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Sara Kobayashi Viv Barnum Lucien Sinclair Martha Shaw
Rory Chevalier Cyprus Myrios
Jacob Cook

Nancy Bishop
Agnes Duvall
Ryan 'Ryder' Burrows



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