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 Dominic Holger, Red!
Dominic Holger
 Posted: Aug 22 2017, 04:01 AM

Age / 15 | Height / 5' 10"

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Oslo, Norway

Dating / Bling Girl

Post Count/ 113

Kitsune |

Dominic Sigurd Holger

Age: 15
DOB: June 2nd
Blood status: Half-Blood
Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Appearance: Blonde, blue eyed, about 5’10” tall with an athletic build and identical to his twin brother Damian!

Personality: Dominic is an adventurous yet watchfully curious teenager whom enjoys meeting people of all ages, nationalities and professions. After growing up all round the world the blonde boy has learnt not to become attached to things or people. This has developed after years of ‘living in places’ no more than a few months. Like his brother, Dominic loves to learn new things and have exciting uninhibited adventures in everything from cities to jungles unexplored. Dominic is extremely close and loyal to his twin brother, Damian as the two only had each other as a constant throughout their traveling life. He came to accept their lifestyle in early age and found a peace in exploring every new place they came across. An overly observant young wizard and far more patient boy than his twin, Dominic can sometimes been seen as one to stand on the side-lines while Damian is getting in the middle of the issue. This however doesn’t exclude him from being irrational at times and can be quick to react harshly should the situation call for it.

Dominic favours brain over brawn in a leadership role but still gets excited just as easily as his brother. Loves to fly his broom whenever he can; always plays the position of Chaser in Quidditch, fellow to his twin in a well strategic flying duo. The boy’s early life was mostly around their father and the many acquaintances he had through work and travel. The Twins have an affinity to Charm magic but are terrible at Potion making.

Talents/Skills: Dominic is an exceptional Quidditch player and overall flyer. He’s outgoing and athletic with a keen range of hand to eye coordination abilities. Alongside his brother, Dominic is a practitioner of martial arts, though the boys are learning it gradually. Their training is far and few between although the boys like to bout outside during the day when stressed. Linguistic by nature and between himself and Damian, the two know several languages including, English, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, German and are advancing through Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.

Brief History: Born and briefly raised in Norway to Pureblood Father and Muggleborn Mother. The brothers grew up there a few years before their mother got a job in France and moved there to make it easier. Their father, a Norwegian Ministry Ambassador travels all round the world and with his wife unable to care for the twins on her own with the hours she keeps, the two came with him throughout most of the year; from one country to the next. Damian and Dominic were ‘home schooled’ along the way by various tutors and volunteers who were connected to their father or his job. During the three summer months the twins would port key into France to stay with their Mother as her time becomes less hectic during the warm season which they enjoyed greatly. Despite the distance of living, the family is still happily together and content in their way of life.

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